King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Match: Final Edition Tier list

Kof 98 UM FE Tier list Mode tier list 1. Extra 2. Ultimate 3. Advanced Extra mode- Quick max is really strong. For some characters more than others. It’s not broken strong but just strong. For example Ex Ryo does qcb.B as a poke and you block it, he could quick max it on block […]

Kee Street fighter the movie

3 More Tips for Beginners To Fighting Games

Learn to block Easier said than done for some people but when you find yourself in an dis-advantageous situation, you have to learn to chill. Hitting buttons while in the negative/opponent has frame advantage will get you killed. This comes with learning the game and it’s situations. Like in Tekken it helps to know the […]


3 tips for an absolute beginner to fighting games

Just a quick post. 1. Don’t mash. — ironic with our site name I know but you won’t get better flailing about. You wouldn’t mash in a game like Super Mario Brothers would you? You should play fighting games like you would play a platformer at first. 2. Learn your normals. Every time you play […]

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