Breakers Revenge



Breakers Revenge was released exclusively in arcades for the MVS on July 3rd 1998. Developed by Visco, Breakers Revenge is an update to their previous title Breakers. They made some balance changes e.g. weakened Condor, removed Sho’s infinite, graphical changes to stages e.g. Sho’s stage’s flags, added a new character Saizo and made Bai Fu, the previous game’s last boss, into a playable character.


Breakers Revenge is an often over looked game with unique mechanics but it has what is deemed a “cult” following. One of those unique mechanics is referred to as “Breakering”.  Basically you can escape out of certain attacks on hit or block with any attack or movement option. It’s best to breaker with invulnerable options like back dash or a reversal with invulnerable frames so you don’t end up just getting hit again.  “Real” Combos are not breaker-able and “Fake” Combos are.  Cr lk x2 with Sho is not breakerable but Cr lk x2 Lp+Hp is. The Lp+Hp is a two hit normal and most of these are breakerable.  The opponent could bait your breaker and punish so you have to be careful when and where you do so.


Tier List

Boss Tier

  • Bai-Hu

A Tier

  • Sho

B Tier

  • Saizo
  • Tia
  • Rila
  • Condor

C Tier

  • Dao Long

D Tier

  • Pielle
  • Maherl
  • Alsion III