Character Overview

Jean is a gymnastics fighter from France. Jean is similar to Guile in appearance and special moves. Appearance wise, Jean has the same tank top  as Guile and same color. Jean is also blond. Jean has similar moves to Guile’s Sonic Boom and Flash Kick which are Ball Rose and Flic Flac. Both of Jean’s moves are performed the same way as Guile’s moves.

Jean plays similar to Guile but with better combos. With his Chojaku Needle Shower move, Jean can perform damaging combos. His zoning is really good and his Flic Flac move makes him  go backwards after the attack making him escape out of certain situations. His normal attacks have good reach.

Jean’s weak point is his leg band. This means that you will want to duck most of the time to avoid being stunned easily. Ducking most of the time is what you will be doing anyway.




Light Punch

Standing – Not worth using out crouching unless going for weak point.

Crouching – Fast and great reach.

Jumping – Decent jump in with a lot of active frames.

Hard Punch

Standing (Far) – See below

Standing (Close) – Can be used as a far hitting anti air. It can be buffered for using Ball Rose. It is used a lot for comboing into Chojaku Needle Shower.

Crouching – Really good anti air. It can be buffered into Flic Flac. If you don’t have a charge for Flic Flac used this instead it beats out a lot of jump ins.

Jumping – Decent jump in.

Light Kick

Standing  – Good for pressuring the opponent.

Crouching – Fast low that is used for canceling into a Chojaku Needle Shower or cr. HK.

Jumping – Jean’s main jump in. It stays out a long time and beats most anti airs.

Hard Kick

Standing – Not worth using over Hard Punch.

Crouching – Good poke. It is decently fast, good reach, and it can be special cancelable into Chojaku Needle Shower or Ball Rose. It can be used as an anti air to catch opponents outside of your cr. HP. Be careful when using Ball Rose after cr. HK too much because certain characters can go through projectiles.

Jumping – Decent jump in.

Jumping (Neutral) – Good air to air if you know opponent is going to jump in.



Forward/Back + Hard Punch or Hard Kick – The Frankensteiner.

[Any direction except Up or Down] + Hard Punch (in air) – Flying Mayor.


Special Moves

Needle Shower

  • Rapidly Tap Punch

This move is the weaker version of the next move and it isn’t used because of how good the next move is.

Chojaku Needle Shower

  • Rapidly Tap ABCD

Main combo move. Just doing it alone, only does some damage. When you cancel it into a normal attack, it can deal big damage. So if you ever dizzy someone you can potentially take away any life of theirs remaining with ONE combo. Landing this move after every time you land a hit is very important to Jeans overall game plan.

Ball Rose

  • Charge Back, Forward + Punch

Jean’s Sonic Boom like projectile. Very good zoning tool. Charge times in Fighter’s History Dynamite are short so be quick when storing your next charge to always have another Ball Rose ready.

Sliding Kick

  • Down-Forward + Kick

This is a sliding attack that can go under projectiles. It is good when fighting another projectile character. Becareful when using it though it can be punished and there is start up on the kick. It can be used as a way to get closer to an opponent if they got dizzied full screen away.

Flic Flac

  • Charge Down, Up + Kick

Jean’s Flash Kick like move. It moves you backwards making it great for escaping pressure but watch out using it when you are cornered because you can get punished. In mid screen, the move is pretty safe.


  • Charge Forward, Quarter Circle Back + Kick

This move is slow and takes a long time to land from it. The second hit of it is an overhead but it isn’t really worth using.


cr. LK, cr. LK, cr. HK to Ball Rose

cr. LK or standing LK to Chojaku Needle Shower, cr. HK

cr. LP to Chojaku Needle Shower or cr. HK to Ball Rose

Standing HP to Chojaku Needle Shower, cr. HK

Standing LK to Chojaku Needle Shower, walk closer st. LK to Chojaku Needle Shower. Only works against crouching characters. Does not work on crouching Marstorius though.

If you fight anyone who’s has any weakness near their head, close st. HP to Chojaku Needle Shower

If their weak spot is near their midsection, then cr. HP to Chojaku Needle Shower to cr. HK.


Play patient and defensive. Make the enemy work to get in and push them out if they manage to get in. Punish their mistakes with damaging combos. If you land a dizzy, finish them off with a powerful Chojaku Needle Shower combo.




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