Character Overview

Ryoko is a Judo practitioner from Japan.  Ryoko is based on the real life Judo world champion, Ryoko Tani. Ryoko’s story also takes inspiration from the manga, Yawara!.

Ryoko’s plays similar to most grapplers. She has small reaching pokes but she can deal a lot of damage. Ryoko is like a high risk and high reward character because if you manage to land a throw it can lead to big damage.

Ryoko’s weak point is her headband. You will want to stand during most combos to avoid getting dizzied as fast.




 Light Punch

Standing – Bufferable and quick, you can interrupt opponents’ attacks with this.

Crouching – Same as the 2 above, but crouching OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Jumping – Great jump in for tick throws and it has a lot of active frames.

Strong Punch

Standing (Far) –  Quick with decent reach and can work as an anti air against certain jump ins.

Standing (Close) – Use this normal to combo into Mountain Storm for big damage. Most of the time you will only get to use it if they are dizzied.

Crouching – A quick reaching normal.

Crouching (Neutral) – Good anti air.

Jumping – Not as good as jumping HK.

Jumping (Neutral) – Not so great.

Light Kick

Standing – Quick normal that trips the opponent. Hits low.

Crouching – Fast low that can combo into Mountain Storm

Jumping –  Great jump in for tick throws and it has a lot of active frames.

Jumping (Neutral) – Great air to air.

Strong Kick

Standing (Far) – Good anti air.

Standing (Close) – Hits two times.

Crouching – Not so great reach.

Jumping – Good jump in. It has great priority and has a good amount of active frames.

Jumping (Neutral) – Not so great.


Forward/Back + Hard Punch – Heave Toss.

Forward/Back + Hard Punch – Slide Slam.

Down-Forward/Down-Back + Hard Punch – Layback Toss.

Down-Forward/Down-Back + Hard Punch(in air) – Izuna Drop.


Special Moves

Submission Hold(Throw)

  • Down, Down + Punch

Your opponent can mash out but if they don’t mash it out then this move will deal a lot of damage.

Mountain Storm

  • Half Circle Back + Punch
    • Must be done directly next to opponent

Ryoko’s main move. It deals big damage. You will want to use this move any chance you get.

Rolling Body Attack

  • Charge Back, Forward + Kick

Good anti air. Can be used to go under projectiles if timed correctly. LK version is safer than the HK version. Ryoko faces backwards during part of her knockdown recovery animation, so make sure you time correctly according to your situation.

Ippon Seoi

  • Half Circle Back + Punch
    • Must be done near opponent. If too close Mountain Storm will come out instead.

Midair Ippon Seoi

  • (In Air)Half Circle Back + Punch


  • Forward, Up-Forward, Up, Up-Back, Back + Punch
    • Must be done directly next to opponent.

Can air throw after landing it or cross up or cross under the opponent for another mix up. Mountain Storm’s damage though makes it the better move to use.





Before you can unleash Ryoko’s big damage, you have to be able to get past the field of projectiles and normals your opponent will throw out at you. Time your Rolling Body Attack to go under projectiles from a far. Be careful when using it close to your opponent as they can punish it. Notice the patterns when your opponent is throwing out normals and wait for them to whiff one to sneak in. Ryoko’s Ippon Seoi has good reach and can catch opponents but it doesn’t do much damage. Damage is damage.

After landing a knock down, here are some options you can do.

  • cr. LK into Mountain Storm.
  • Mountain Storm.
  • Bait invincible attack and punish with Mountain Storm.




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