Character Overview

Marstorius is a pro-wrestler from Italy. Marstorius is similar to Zangief. They are both grapplers with beards. Appearance wise, Marstorius seems to be modeled after former pro wrestler, Bruiser Brody.

Marstorius plays similar to Zangief but he doesn’t have to do 360 motion for his commands grabs. They are only half circle motions. They have insane reach, no whiff animation, and can be combo into to. His jumps are extremely low to the ground making it very easy for him to get zoned out by projectiles and normals.

Marstorius weak point are his leg warmers. If you take too many low hitting normals and special moves then you will get dizzied a lot faster than normal. If you get hit by projectiles in the air while trying to jump over them, they can hit your weak point. His weak is good against mid-high hitting characters but is weak against characters that have good cr. LK combos.




Light Punch

Standing (Far) – A high hitting poke great for whiffing and doing Double German to catch opponents pokes.

Standing (Close) –  A Close-range elbow.

Crouching – Good priority poke . Chainable into another light/hard attack or can be used to combo into Double German.

Jumping – Good active frames but gets beat by a lot of anti airs.

Strong Punch

Standing  – Good range and always do Double German after it to cut off the recovery frames and a chance to grab the opponent.

Crouching – Good anti air.

Jumping – Decent jump in.

Jumping (Neutral) – Decent jump in.

Light Kick

Standing (Far) – Knee kick. Decent poke.

Standing (Close) – Knee stomp. Not chainable.

Crouching – Really good normal. Always buffer into Double German. After landing a hit you can link in cr. HK or Double German.

Jumping – Can crossover with this jump attack.

Jumping (Neutral) – Not worth using.

Strong Kick

Standing (Far) – Good reaching normal that can be comboed into Double German.

Standing (Close) – Can be used  to combo into Double German.

Crouching – Really good normal. It comes out fast and has good reach. You can always do a Double German motion to cancel the recovery time.

Jumping – Good reach.

Jumping (Neutral) – Not worth using.

Other Normals

Up-Forward + High Kick – A small hop kick. Knocks down on hit. Decent for hopping over sweeps.

(Jump) Down+Hard Punch –  Good crossover normal.

(Jump) Down+Hard Kick –  Good reaching normal.


Forward/Back + Hard Punch – German Suplex.

Down-Forward/Down-Back + Hard Punch – Turn Slam.

Special Moves

Dash Lariat

  • Charge Back, Forward + Punch

This move makes Marstorius charge at his opponent. The Light Punch version doesn’t go very far but it can be used to close the distance. The Hard Punch version goes farther but it has a longer start up for the attack. They are safe on block but it pushes the opponent far away. It can be used to push the opponent in the corner. The charge time is longer than average charge times making it harder to quickly use. Use this move carefully and don’t over use it. This move is mostly used after Double German to get back in on your opponent.

Kneel Kick

  • Charge Back, Forward + Kick

Decent anti air that causes knock down on hit. It takes a long time to charge than average charge moves. Slow recovery. Not used very often.

Moonsault Press

  • Charge Down, Up + Punch

Marstorius flips into the air and comes down with a body splash. It doesn’t knock down on hit but you can combo into a Double German if it hits. There is landing recovery when using this move so it’s tough to use it to get around projectiles. It can be used as a mix up after a Double German.

Rising Knee

  • Charge Down, Up + Kick

Marstorius goes up with one knee attack and comes down with another. The Light Kick version first hit will knock down and the Hard Kick first hit doesn’t knock down. There a small amount of invincibility frames when Marstorius is going up. This move can be used as an anti air and makes a nice wake up. This move’s main use is to go through projectiles. Be careful when using it though because opponents can punish the landing frames.

Double German

  • Half Circle Back + Punch (also works as Half Circle Forward + Punch)

Marstorius’s main move. It does around 25% damage on your opponent. The grab reach is insane especially when you grab a poke’s hurt box. You can also combo into it and it has no whiff animation. And to make this move even better than it already is, is that Marstorius can do sick mix ups after landing a Double German which can lead to another Double German.

Drill Power Slam

  • Forward, Up-Forward, Up, Up-Back, Back + Punch (also works as Back, Up-Back, Up, Up-Forward, Forward + Punch)

Crazy motion but this move will make Marstorius quickly glide toward his opponent. It can be blocked but if Marstorius does grab you then he will spinning tackle you to the ground. It can be used to catch an opponent but if you are not consistent doing this move then don’t worry about it.





Getting around projectiles is tough but rewarding. Use the LK version of Rising Knee to get around projectiles at a distance but if you do it too close to them then they can punish you. Using LP Dash Lariat is not a bad option against certain characters to close the gap or push them to the corner. Once you close the distance then you can use Marstorius’s cr. HK. LP Dash Lariat, or grab them with Double German. Remember that Marstorius can cancel normals into Double German and since Double German has no whiff animation a LP or HP will come out depending on which Double German you used. LP version is preferred because of how quick LP is compared to HP. So when you poke with cr. HK or use cr. LK always perform Double German after them to recover quickly from cr. HK or combo after hitting cr. LK.

If you finally get in past the projectiles and landed a Double German, now what? The common thing to do is a LP Dash Lariat to get back to where your opponent has landed. Here are some options after landing a Double German then LP Dash Lariat.

  • Immediately jump to crossover your opponent and use jumping D+HP or jumping LK. If it hits go into cr. LK into Double German.
  • Fake crossover. Step back a tiny bit after using LP Dash Lariat then jump D+HP.
  • Empty jump to cr. LK into Double German.
  • cr. LK into Double German.
  • Use the Up-Forward Hop Kick. It knocks down on hit.
  • Charge a HK Rising Knee by ending LP Dash Lariat on Down-Forward to get a Down charge ready. This can beat certain wake up attacks because of the invincibility.
  • Do Nothing. If your opponent loves to use your invincibility move then bait it out and punish.

Keep the opponent guessing.




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