Character Overview

Mizoguchi uses Jissen Karate which is very similar to traditional karate and he is from Japan. Most people would think of Mizoguchi as the main character of the game but Ray is actually the real main character. Mizoguchi became a popular character and has had his own game, Fighter’s History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!! Appearance wise, Mizoguchi looks like a bare-chested Ryu/Ken character.

Mizoguchi plays similar to Ryu/Ken. Mizoguchi has a projectile game like most of the cast but he also has some damaging combos. He has some alright normals too.

Mizoguchi’s weak point is his headband. You will want to stand to avoid being easily dizzied in combos.




 Light Punch

Standing (Far) – A disjointed hit box on Mizoguchi’s arm. Meaning they can hit your arm making this poke good against certain characters.

Standing (Close) –  Not worth using.

Crouching – Good for hitting certain opponents dizzy spots.

Jumping – Good jump in. It can beat most anti airs and has a lot of active frames.

Strong Punch

Standing (Far) – Good anti air.

Standing (Close) – Good for combos.

Crouching – Great anti air.

Jumping – Decent jump in.

Light Kick

Standing (Far) – Great anti air and combos.

Standing (Close) – Great for combos.

Crouching – Good low hitting poke.

Jumping – Cross over.

A cross up. Priority is similar to jump punch, comes out faster then lp, but at a lower angle then it. Thus it loses the air to air battle use that the jump punch also doubles as.

Jumping (Neutral) – Good air to air.

Strong Kick

Standing (Far) – Decent anti air.

Standing (Close) – Can be used for combos. Two hits.

Crouching – A sweep. Deceptively long range. Remember that in FHD as long as the move is out, it can be canceled.

Jumping – Can cross up decently but it is really used for fake cross ups.

Jumping (Neutral) – Two hit jumping attack.


Forward/Back + Hard Punch – Neckringer Slam.

Forward/Back + Hard Kick – Shuffle Kick.


Special Moves

Tiger Bazooka

  • Quarter Circle Forward + Punch

A decent projectile. Not as fast start up and recovery of most but not bad when needed. Mizoguchi ducks during it making him avoid certain attacks.

Tiger Smash

  • Back, Down-Back, Down + Punch

A fast rushing elbow that has little invincibility. The LP version is decently safe and the HP version is good in combos.


  • Quarter Circle Forward + Kick
    • Can repeat motion for up to five kicks

Good move for chipping, pressure, and it can go over certain crouching normals. You can combo after landing the HK version or air version on hit. LK version can be used to go over projectiles or be used as an ambiguous cross up move after landing a knock down.

Gottsui Tiger Bazooka

  • Quarter Circle Forward + ABCD


  • Back, Down-Back, Down + ABCD

A completely invincible move. If done close to your opponent it can deal a lot of damage. Certain characters can duck under it though.









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