Character Overview

Ray is like the stereotypical American character, blonde and sorta roguish.  He’s a combination of Ken and Terry Bogard in appearance and special moves.  Appearance wise, picture Terry Bogard but Ken’s shorter hair and without his jacket, replace the white Tee with a tank top and bam there’s Ray. He’s got Ken’s Hadouken and Terry’s Crack Shoot. But surprisingly enough it seems this characters original move Dynamite Tackle inspired SNK to add a similar move to Terry in future games.

Ray is a very strong character. His Wheel Kick is an all purpose anti-air with invulnerability frames and is one of the best moves in the game. Very strong long range pokes. His combos hit hard and Thunder Dynamite Tackle will stun most characters easily. His zoning game is very strong with Big Tornado. His hybrid style gameplay is akin to the Shotos and can be played with a lot of versatility. He has no real bad matchups, only even to advantage.

Ray is great for beginners and experts a like.


Ray’s weak spot is the lightening symbol on his chest. A lot of attacks hit the chest so it’s fairly easy to stun Ray.







Light Punch

Standing (Far) – High jab that unfortunately whiffs every crouching character. Chainable into another light/hard attack.

Standing (Close) – Elbow attack that DOES hit crouchers. Chainable.

Crouching – Standard low jab, good for combos. Chainable.

Jumping – Not a very useful attack as it has rather low priority, you can sometimes crossup with it but it’s kinda iffy.

Jumping (Neutral) – Same overview as regular jumping LP.

Hard Punch

Standing (Far) – The reach on this is pretty crazy. It’s special cancelable. Generally you should go into Big Tornado or Dynamite Tackle.

Standing (Close) – Standard Close Hp.

Crouching –  Anti-air style crouching HP.  Hitbox isn’t that good. Wheel Kick is a more reliable anti-air.

Jumping – Looks the same as LP. Good jump in.

Jumping (Neutral) – Same as  jumping HP.


Light Kick

Standing (Far) – Knee-level kick with decent range. However, it’s NOT chainable into other attacks, so it’s a bit limited in usefulness.

Standing (Close) – Mid-level knee attack. Chainable.

Crouching – Has more range than Crouching LP, so use this as your primary means of extending chains or hit-confirming combos. Chainable.

Jumping – Knee attack that stays out for the duration of the jump, has the potential to crossup.

Jumping (Neutral) – A weird high stretch kick. Not sure what this could be used for…

Hard Kick

Standing (Far) – Roundhouse kick that recovers very quickly, so it’s an excellent poke to use even if you think it will whiff. Has marginally less range than far Standing HP, but is still a good chain ender.

Standing (Close) – High kick. Not much reason to really try to start combos with this when you can use HP instead and option select an added throw attempt.

Crouching – Standard sweep kick with nice range and decent recovery.

Jumping – Probably Ray’s best jumping attack, has very nice priority (especially when done close to the opponent), and can sometimes even crossup.

Jumping (Neutral) – A different jump kick with more horizontal range than the regular jumping HK. Might be worth trying from a distance since opponents might underestimate the range. Won’t have many options for combos though…




Forward/Back + Hard Punch –  Jake the Snake no it’s Ray with the DDT. Leaves you close to the opponent.

[Any direction except Up or Down] + Hard Punch (in air) – Ray has an air DDT.


Special Moves


Big Tornado

  • Down, Down-Forward, Forward + Punch)
    • Great zoning tool and sometimes pressure ender.

Wheel Kick

  • Down, Down-Back, Back + Kick
    • Easily one of the best moves in the game. Ray has a long period of invincibility on this move, enough to beat any other similar move with invincibility if they’re done at the same time. Opponents jumps in on you? Wheel Kick will hit them every time (unless they’re Karnov, in which case you’d have to wait until he was coming down from Balloon). You can also use this move to pass through fireballs, and punish the person throwing them if they’re close enough. Generally you will want to stick to using the LK version of Wheel Kick – HK goes in a higher arc but also means more recovery. The LK version recovers pretty fast, so fast that it’s possible you can completely take a blocking opponent by surprise, and then throw them before they can do anything. If you overuse this move though, chances are your opponent will start to be more patient and wait for you to do it and then throw/combo YOU instead. Wheel Kick can be performed in the air as well, but it doesn’t have many uses outside of escaping corner traps. Obviously it’s good for winning air-to-air battles, but if you guess wrong it’s a long way to fall to the ground, leaving you a sitting duck. The only other downside to Wheel Kick, and it’s a pretty major one – it whiffs against crouching opponents. So it won’t beat sweeps and the like, but you can travel over attacks and sometimes recover before they do.

Dynamite Tackle

  • Forward, Forward + Punch
    • Ray charges forward and tackles the opponent with a headbutt. Knocks down on hit and is safe on block. The best move to end any combo or block string with if you want to keep the pressure on the opponent. The only thing you have to watch out for is that if you do the move from too far, you can potentially be hit or thrown out of it. When done right next to the opponent, it will actually hit twice… but this isn’t too practical outside of comboing off a single light attack. Most of the time you will only see the one-hit version.

Thunder Dynamite Tackle

  • Charge Back, Forward, Forward + Punch
    • A beefed-up version of the regular Dynamite Tackle in which Ray is surrounded by electricity as he charges forward. Will hit up to 5 times depending on how close you are to the opponent, but typically will only hit 3 or 4 times in combos. Besides the added damage, the multiple hits can also potentially insta-dizzy any character with their weak spot on either their chest or knees. The only real downside to this move is that it has a long charge time – if you don’t charge long enough, you will get a regular Dynamite Tackle instead. Many players have problems doing this move consistently, and the charge time tends to be the main reason why (the other possible problem that can occur is not completing the double Forward tap quickly enough after the initial charge). Master doing this consistently, because it’s the key to doing maximum damage with Ray.




  • j. HP/HK, s. HP/HK, HP Dynamite Tackle
  • j. HP/HK, s. HP/HK, LK Wheel Kick (will not work on crouchers)
  • s. HP/HK, HP Big Tornado
  • c. LK, c. LK, c. LK, s. HP, HP Dynamite Tackle
  • c. LK, c. LP, c. LK, s. HP, Electric Dynamite Tackle




As mentioned before, Ray is a versatile character. You can play him defensively, antagonizing the opponent with Big Tornado’s and then Wheel Kick them when you get them to jump in. But it’s more fun to play aggressively, rushing down your opponent by any means necessary, and then countering with a Wheel Kick when they try to stop you. In either case, you’ll also need to play smart – Ray might arguably be the best character in the game, but he’s far from unbeatable, especially if you start to get locked into patterns. Depending on the character, you don’t want to throw fireballs mindlessly because they may have a move that takes them over/under/through the fireball to nail you.

Here’s a fun trick to take your opponent by surprise – first off, score a knockdown in the corner (throw, Wheel Kick, Dynamite Tackle, etc). While they’re on the ground, do a Dynamite Tackle. You will pass over their body and wind up on the other side, with you in the corner now. If they are still holding towards the corner on the joystick, they will not be able to block your attacks in time since they’re holding the wrong way! This is a good opportunity to hit them with a couple c.LK’s into s.HP into Dynamite Tackle to knock them back down. Of course, after you do this once the opponent will know to start looking out for this. In that case, try doing a Wheel Kick that’s timed to pass back over them the instant they get up. If you time it right, they’ll be crossed up again and have to block in the direction of the corner for that. It’s a very bizarre guessing game, but worth taking advantage of if you get the opportunity.


Ray….knockdown in corner, jab dynamite,short wheel kick…..

If done right, they have to block FORWARD on wake up. Works with Samchay kinda also.






Vs. Clown:

An easy match. Wheel Kick through Clown’s fireballs, Wheel Kick if he tries his vertical spinning ball. The only thing you really have to worry about is his headstomp, which can nail you if you throw a fireball at the wrong time. If you can fake him into doing it early, it’s a free hit for you while he falls to the ground.


Vs. Jean Pierre:

Don’t throw too many fireballs from close range, since Jean can slide under them. Jean’s flash kick is excellent anti air so you can’t jump on him too much, but you can sometimes throw it off and make it whiff completely with a mid-air Wheel Kick.


Vs. Kano Ryoko:

Throw fireballs and trip if she jumps in deep enough. It’s really that easy.


Vs. Karnov:

Ray’s probably the best character in the game to take down the fat fire-breathing Russian. He has two ways to stop BALLOOOON abuse – Wheel Kick, and air throw. This will give Karnov second thoughts about floating in the air too much. When timed right, you can also get out of his triple kick lockdown with a Wheel Kick if he leaves any gaps in his attack strings. Unfortunately, when you Wheel Kick through Karnov’s fireballs, you won’t be able to hit him since he crouches low to the ground, but you MAY be able to throw him before he recovers. Karnov is still very much a threat in this match, but Ray has all the tools to win. Good luck!


Vs. Lee Diendo:

Worst matchup by far for Ray. All of Lee’s hop punch combos will hit Ray’s weak point so it’s extremely easy for Lee to score a dizzy, and then land HUGE damage on you when you’re dizzied. You need to fight defensively – keep him out with fireballs, since he doesn’t have any practical way of getting through them outside of jumping. Remember that you can also stop his hop punches cold with standing/crouching jabs. It also helps to be consistent at doing the Thunder Dynamite Tackle motion – if you throw out a random Thunder Dynamite Tackle and it hits Lee, chances are you’ll dizzy him instantly. Even if you get a dizzy and wind up ahead on life, don’t relax until Lee is dead. All he needs is one combo to completely turn around the round.


Vs. Liu Feilin:

Feilin’s sliding uppercut can go through your fireballs and potentially hit your weak spot once. She can also do an early air fireball to fake out anti-air Wheel Kick attempts, but even then she’s often vulnerable on the way down. There isn’t much else to worry about in this matchup.


Vs. Liu Yungmie:

Yungmie can play runaway well, but Wheel Kick will help chase her down and potentially hit through her air fireballs. If she does her uppercut kick, you can Wheel Kick between the two hits on reaction if you’re fast enough.


Vs. Marstorius:

Standard anti-Marstorius strategy – throw lots of fireballs, Wheel Kick him out of the air if he jumps. You need to stay away at all costs. Don’t do random tackles, since Marstorius has so much range he can potentially Double German you out of it. Just be patient in this match.


Vs. Matlok Jade:

Matlok’s most dangerous attack is the Overhead Kick, so don’t get caught crouching too much. On the other hand, if Matlok is recklessly doing Overhead Kicks and Spinning Waves, Wheel Kick will take him down.


Vs. Mizoguchi Makoto:



Vs. Ray McDougal:


Vs. Samchay Tomyamgun:


Vs. Zazie Muhaba:

Your response to the normally dangerous jump ins and Teakoukon is your wheel kick. Keep in mind your fireball is significantly faster than samchay’s, so a simple fb lock down may prove deadly for Samchay.