Character Overview

Zazie is karate practitioner from Africa. Zazie is a unique character with a Ducking move and Step Back move. You could say that Dudley was inspired by Zazie.

Zazie is a strong rush down character. He requires execution to master.

Zazies weak point is his headband. You will want to stand during combos to avoid being easily dizzied. Since Zazie is so tall, it is harder for certain characters to dizzy him.




 Light Punch

Standing (Far) –

Standing (Close) –

Crouching –

Jumping – Good jump in.

Jumping (Neutral) –

Strong Punch

Standing (Far) –

Standing (Close) –

Crouching –

Jumping –

Jumping (Neutral) –

Light Kick

Standing – Good poke with great reach. Special cancelable into Ducking.

Crouching –

Jumping –

Jumping (Neutral) – lol

Strong Kick

Standing (Far) –

Standing (Close) –

Crouching –

Jumping –

Jumping (Neutral) –


Forward/Back + Hard Punch – Pile Driver.


Special Moves

Vulcan Hook

  • Rapidly tap Punch

Decent move but you will want to use the one below instead.

Chozaku Vulcan Hook

  • Rapidly tap ABCD

Great move to combo into.


  • Quarter Circle Back + Punch

Good move to combo into and to use it with the Ducking-Hellfire trick to give it invincibility. To do the Ducking-Hellfire trick you need to input Hellfire fast near the midpoint of Ducking.


  • Forward, Forward + Kick

Great move to go under projectiles and keep the pressure on the opponent.

Step Back

  • Forward, Back + Kick
    • Note: Ducking and Step Back are not offensive moves. They are evasive moves,which will pass through projectiles and other attacks

Decent move to escape pressure.


  • Up, Down + Kick

Not so great of a move.





Use your pokes to Ducking to get in on your opponents or just use Ducking to sneak in. Go for Vulcan and Hellfire combos when close. Using the Ducking-Hellfire trick will beat out your opponents poking game making them scared to throw out normals then you can move in freely and pressure with Vulcan Hooks.




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