Normal Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Brute Jab L3.00High920-519
Brute Hammerfist M3.00Mid1225-111
Brute KickH7.00Mid1540-635
Shin Splint Back+L2.00Low1791216
Earthquake Stomp Back+M3.00Low1823-216
Thundering Dropkick Back+H11.00Mid3236-469
Shattering Cross Forward+L7.00Mid213775
Lucho power punch Forward+M14.00Mid2638-2316
Fist Slam Forward+M,Down7.00Overhead1133046
Devastator Forward+H11.00Overhead4025980
Quick Kick Down+L2.00Low1610317
Rising Double Fist Down+M5.00Mid1922-771
Fist TripDown+H7.00Low1130-1433
Air Demolish L5.00Overhead11252740
Air Crushing M7.00Overhead1331-138
Air Pulverize H11.00Overhead1126-946
Air Body Splash Down+H11.00Overhead1126-946


NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Forward Throw11.00102114-5
Back Throw11.00102114-5

Combo Attacks

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Punching BagL,L2.85Mid729-13
Juiced L,L,M9.93Mid2139-1415
Feel the Pain L,L,H6.32Overhead2428360
Bring ItBack+L,L1.90Low2018-218
Bitter Taste Back+L,L,M6.32Mid1628155
Dead One L,M4.75Mid1436332
Final Strike L,M,H6.32Mid633-450
Secret Six M,M2.85Mid1532-229
Venom Strength M,M,H6.32Mid1740-749
Knightfall Back+M,L6.65Overhead2128445
Monster of DisguiseBack+M,H6.65Mid1927548
Veritas Liberal Forward+M,Down+M5.60Mid2036-233
Infinite Crisis Forward+M,Down+H7.00Mid2761-3024

Special Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Body Press Down,Back,Forward+H16.00Throw2020--
Body Press (Meter Burn)+MB16.00-0205--205
Raging Charge Back,Forward+L15.00Mid3245-1120
Raging Charge (Meter Burn)+MB6.65Mid2366-3
Double Punch Back,Forward+M6.75Overhead1620-54
Double Punch (Meter Burn)+MB6.32Mid2529-42
Venom Uppercut Down,Back+M10.00Mid1444-3140
Venom Uppercut (Meter Burn)+MB8.55Mid1685-85
Rising SlamDown,Back+L13.00Unblockable943-43

Super Move

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Break The BatMB+FS36.00Throw13644-14

Character Power

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Venom BoostTrait-Bane can dose himself with 1, 2, or 3 levels of Venom, (even while attack) increasing his overall damage per dose and adding armor to his special attacks.
-When the buff wears off Bane will become weakened. While weakened, Bane will inflict less damage, take more damage and will move at a slower speed. This weakness is intensified based on the amount of Venom used.