Normal Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Sweeping JabL2.00High619-4-2
Sweeping BackhandM3.00Mid1017-214
Furious DropkickH9.00Mid836-327
Knee StrikeBack + L3.00Mid122246
Vicious HammerfistBack + M3.00Overhead1522-314
Mighty AdamBack + H11.00Mid3027776
Vengeful KickForward + M5.00Mid1220133
Revolving ContactForward + H11.00Overhead2827667
Outward StrikeDown + L2.00Mid615-111
Rising UppercutDown + M5.00Mid727-1365
Electric StingDown + H7.00Low1237-2113
Air Heavy KneeL5.00Overhead628-15-3
Air Thundering AxekickM7.00Overhead929-1110
Air Malicious DropkickH11.00Overhead1229-748


NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Forward Throw11.00102114-5
Back Throw11.00102114-5

Combo Attacks

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
FearlessL, L1.90Mid1324010
CorruptionL, L. M4.51Overhead2231-148
End PhaseL, L, H6.32Mid1729343
Empty BombL, H8.55Mid1623534
Black NileBack + L, M4.75Mid2028-353
ObeliskM, M1.90Mid1119112
SceptreM, M, H6.32Overhead1624241
Dark AgeM, M, Back + L4.51Mid1226-584
Khem-AdamForward + M, H10.45Mid1029332
Nine BowsBack + M, H6.65Mid1731332
Ka ServantBack + M, H, Up + L6.32Mid14--49
Eye of HorusBack + M, H, Up + M6.32Mid12--11
Might of AtonBack + M, H, Up + H6.32Mid17--46
Ra PowerBack + M, H, Up + L + H10.83Mid10--9

Special Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Lightning StormDown, Forward + L9.00Mid1536-316
Lightning Storm (Meter Burn)+ MB8.68Unblockable1244-14
Black MagicDown, Back + L4.85Mid2238-2610
Black Magic (Meter Burn)+ MB7.63Mid1-4-96
Lightning CageDown, Back + H11.00Mid2430-324
Lightning Cage (Meter Burn)+ MB6.00Mid930372
Lightning StrikeDown, Forward + M10.00Low2547-1315
Lightning Strike (Meter Burn)+ MB19.26Low327-13
Air Close Boot StompDown, Back + H10.00Overhead1220-152
Air Close Boot Stomp (Meter Burn)+ MB10.00Overhead220964
Air Far Boot StompDown, Forward + H10.00Overhead1721-152
Air Far Boot Stomp (Meter Burn)+ MB10.00Overhead221964
Lightning BombDown, Back + M8.00Low117-81110117
Close Lightning BombDown, Back + M, Back8.00Low106-7099166
Far Lightning BombDown, Back + M, Forward8.00Low126-90119186

Super Move

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Teth-AdamMeter Burn + Flip Stance35.65Mid12537-914

Character Power

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Orbs of SethTrait12.00Black Adam summons three orbs of lightning that revolve around his body for a limited amount of time.
Each Orb of Seth can strike the opponent independently for minor damage.

Combo Examples

Back+M, H, Up L+H520%Basic overhead combo
M, M, Back+L, j.M, Far Boot Stomp, Back+M, H, Up L+H1034%-
Back+H, j.H, Back+M, H, Up L+H733%-
Back+M, Trait, Back+M, H, L, L, Black Magic, Dash, Back+M, H, Up L+H1644% Trait Combo
M, M, Trait, M, M, Lightning Cage(Meter Burn), Back+H, j.M, Back+M, H, Up L+H1654%Mid screen, Meter Burn combo, cancel the M to Trait really fast and hit Back+H early as possible
Dive Kick (Meter Burn), Dash, L, L, Trait, Back+M, H, Up L+H1140%Dive Kick combo, Meter Burn combo
Down+M, Trait, Back+M, H, Up L+H926%Anti-air combo