Normal Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Forward PawM5.00Mid1524-38
Kashmir KickH5.85Mid1333-14-4
Tabby TapBack + L2.00Low1418-25
Balinese BootBack + M9.00Overhead2323060
Tail SpinBack + H11.00Mid2334-368
Calico CutForward + L3.00Mid1614219
Pole CatForward + M7.00Mid1524-68
Siamese SlamForward + H13.85Overhead2334-158
Whip TripDown Forward + H7.00Low2542-3330
Sphynx SliceDown + L2.00Mid713012
Mad ManxDown + M5.00Mid1424-968
Persian PounceDown + H7.00Low1027-1121
Air Kitty KickerL5.00Overhead510215
Air WhipM7.00Overhead1126-813
Air Kill ClawsH11.00Overhead1026-451


NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Forward Throw11.00102114-5
Back Throw11.00102114-5

Combo Attacks

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
PlaythingL, L1.90Mid1515017
Cat StyleL, L, M6.99Mid1415-1530
Hi KittyL, M2.85Mid1717-111
Scratching PostL, M, M8.12Mid1227-325
TomcatL, Forward + H11.16Overhead187243
Cat's EyeL, M, Back + H4.51Low1520-433
Toying WithForward + L, L1.90Mid1019-317
Ball of YarnForward + L, L, M2.71Mid1423-214
Kitty KittyForward + L, L, M, H6.00Overhead1725-149
Crafty Back + L, M2.85Mid1518-119
Scaredy CatBack + L, M, Up + H4.51Mid1325-475
PurrfectBack + L, M, Down + H6.32Low1812-328
WhiplashM, Down + M1.90Low1623313
Curious CatM, Down + M, L6.32Mid1819-579
You Kitten MeM, Down + M, H8.12Low1919-440
HellcatBack + M, H8.10Mid1926355
Fur TailForward + M, Up + H2.85Mid1330-241
Whip CreamForward + M, Up + H, L5.32Mid1435-1859
HissingForward + M, Down + H2.85Low1324-843
Pick PocketForward + M, Down + H, L4.51Mid1823-582
WildcatH, H4.51Mid2320112
SafecrackerH, H, Back + M2.57Overhead1827-361
Kitty CorneredH, H, H4.29Mid2029-633

Special Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Cat ClawsBack, Forward + L8.71Mid1630-1457
Cat Claws (Meter Burn)+ MB7.16Mid214-1749
Cat DashBack, Forward + M6.00Mid1626-1471
Cat Dash (Meter Burn)+ MB7.20Mid421-1173
Straight WhipDown, Forward + L10.00High1929-351
Up WhipDown, Back + L10.00High1524252
High Feline EvadeDown, Back + M0.00-310--
Low Feline EvadeDown, Back + M, Up0.00-110--
Cat StanceDown, Down + H0.00-014--
Cartwheel (From Cat Stance)L6.80Mid1312-371
Up Whip (From Cat Stance)M9.00Mid1033-852
Punce (From Cat Stance)H13.00Mid925-517

Super Move

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Nine LivesMeter Burn + Flip Stance33.75Mid13754-19137

Character Power

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Cat ScratchTrait23.21Each time Catwoman lands a basic attack she has a chance to have 1 Scratch added to her Scratch Meter.
The chances of a Scratch being awarded increases with each hit of a combo.
Pressing T will perform a damaging combo, with each Scratch adding an additional hit, up to a maximum of 5 hits.

Combo Examples

L, L, M, Cat Dash, Back+H, j.M, H, H, Cat Dash1029%-
Back+L, M, Down+H, Cat Dash, Back+H, j.H, L, L, M, Straight Whip1035%Starts with a low
Foward+L, L, M, Cat Claws, Back+H, j.H, L, L, M, Cat Dash1333%
Back+M, L, L, L, L, L, L, M, Cat Claws1126% Corner combo
H,H, Cat Dash, Back+H, j.H, L, L, M, Trait(Full Scratch)1439%Full Scratch combo
M, Down+M, Cat Claws (Meter Burn), Back+H, j.H, L, L, M, Whip1337% Meter Burn combo
Back+L, M, Down+H, Cat Claws (Meter Burn), Back+H, j.H, L, L, M, Cat Dash (Meter Burn), Trait (Full Scratch)2046%2 Meter Burns and full scratch
Down+M, Foward+L, L, M, Up Whip516%Anti-air combo