Normal Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Violent JabL3.00High716-11
Headhunter HookM5.00Mid1226-86
Quick CutterH7.00Mid1131-92
Shin StrikeAway+L2.00Low1024-911
Czarnian MightAway+M5.00Overhead2531-415
One-ShotAway+H11.00Mid, wall bounce hold H to charge attack30321273
Butt HeadForward+M7.00Mid2029-32
Lock And LoadForward+H11.00Overhead, ground bounce hold H to charge attack31291369
Gut BusterDown+L2.00Mid617-19
Rising HookDown+M5.00Mid, launches opponent into air on hit1125-1474
Bad TripDown+H7.00Low, knockdown1330-1427
Air Flying BootL5.00Overhead528-14-2
Air Space KickM7.00Overhead826-1011
Air Dawg PunchH11.00Overhead, knockdown928-649
Air Party CrasherDown+H11.00Overhead928-649


NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Forward Throw11.00102114-5
Back Throw11.00102114-5

Combo Attacks

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Mindless ViolenceL, L2.85Mid132317
Bad BoyL, L, M6.32Mid737-77
Worthless ScumL, L, H8.12Mid2323657
Lights OutL, M4.75Mid1031221
Hired GunL, M, L+H9.03Mid13221010
Feetal's GrizzBack+L, M8.55Mid2426460
DisemboweledBack+L, M, L+H8.12Mid263414
Skull RiderM, L4.75Overhead1635-180
Game OverM, L, H6.32Mid2640-2330
Mister MacheteBack+M, Up+L6.65Low3022-874
Space DolphinsForward+M, L2.85Mid1341-110
RampageForward+M, L, H4.51Mid3137-337
The Last CzarnianForward+M, H4.75Low2526-837

Special Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Spin CycleDown, Back + L11.00Mid12221214
Spin Cycle (Meter Burn)+ MB or + MB, Back14.00Mid0--125-125
Pump ShotDown, Forward + L9.00High1738-11
Pump Shot (Meter Burn)+ MB8.00High1629234
Mid Pump ShotDown, Forward + L, Back7.00Mid641-92
Mid Pump Shot (Meter Burn)+ MB8.00Mid1629234
Low Pump ShotDown, Forward + L, Down5.00Low532-928
Low Pump Shot (Meter Burn)+ MB8.00Low1629234
Czarnian TossDown, Back, Forward + M11.00Throw1927-1128
Czarnian Toss (Meter Burn)+ MB8.00Throw083-83-83
Space HookDown, Back + M11.00Mid2340-148
Space Hook (Meter Burn)+ MB or + MB, Back15.00Mid0119-119-119
Low Space HookDown, Back + H10.00Low2032-1614
Low Space Hook (Meter Burn)+ MB8.00Low0106-106-106
Hook ChargeBack, Forward + H8.75Mid1630-2511
Hook Charge (Meter Burn)+ MB12.00Mid826344

Super Move

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
The Main ManMeter Burn+Flip Stance32.80Mid12647-141

Character Power

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Nuclear ShellsTrait0.00Increases the damage and effect of the next shotgun attack-49--