Normal Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Raven PokeL2.00High710110
Raven ClawM3.00Mid1321012
Forest RavenH7.85Mid1516-1654
Sweeping StrikeBack+L3.00Low1514-316
Clawing StrikeBack+M3.00Mid1621313
TourniquetBack+H11.00Mid, wall bounce hold H to charge attack30231180
Twisting TalonForward+L3.00High1613319
Slashing ClawForward+L7.85Mid1321-87
Linking TalonForward+H11.00Overhead, ground bounce hold H to charge attack2927677
Low StrikeDown+L2.00Mid616-111
WingspanDown+M5.00Mid, launches opponent into air on hit1019-575
Raven SlashDown+H7.00Low, knockdown1328-735
Air Lowering DropkickL5.00Overhead616226
Air Downward OverhandM7.00Overhead819-714
Air Cyclone KickH11.00Overhead, knockdown825-351


NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Forward Throw11.00102114-5
Back Throw11.00102114-5

Combo Attacks

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
MidnightL, L1.90High, mid1020-117
Black RoseL, L, Forward+M6.32High, mid, mid1525038
Blood MoonL, L, Back+M4.51High, mid, mid1228-251
Darkness FallsL, L, H8.12High, mid, mid, launches opponent into the air1623-352
Phantom CloakForward+L, H6.65High, mid1225346
Tears of SorrowBack+L, M1.90Low, low1219-510
StonehengeBack+L, M, H8.12Low, low, mid1829-550
Silent VesperM, M1.90Mid, mid1222-164
Blackest NightM, M, H4.04Mid, mid, mid, launches opponent into the air2824676
Twilight's EndBack+M, H8.55Mid, mid1824-160
Titan TrashForward+M, M, M6.32Mid, mid, mid1130043
Forever DustForward+M, M, H, H5.64Mid, mid, mid, mid, overhead1029-15-2
Second LifeForward+M, M, Up+L4.51Mid, mid, mid1319-558

Special Moves

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Empty VoidDown, Back + L0.00Absorb projectiles to gain meter95--
Empty Void (Meter Burn)+ MB10.00Unblockable2513-47
Soul CrushDown, Forward + M8.65
Soul Crush (Meter Burn)+ MB5.70Mid, launches opponent into the air512-92
SingularityDown, Back + M9.70Mid1633-10-20
Singularity (Meter Burn)+ MB5.78Mid, ground bounce015-77
Shadow RavenDown, Forward + L8.00High1933-14-1

Special Moves (Demon Stance)

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Event HorizonDown, Back + M10.60Mid2232-616
Event Horizon (Meter Burn)+ MB5.70Mid, holds the opponent7131-68
Negative MassDown, Forward + L8.00Mid, hold Forward or Back to control the distance of the pillar2324037
Negative Mass (Meter Burn)+ MB7.60Mid23-1-82
Front Dark TransmissionDown, Back + H0.00Teleport in front of the opponent1819--
Behind Dark TransmissionDown, Forward + H0.00Teleport in behind of the opponent1819--
Air Front Dark TransmissionDown, Back + H0.00Teleport in front of the opponent1840--
Air Behind Dark TransmissionDown, Forward+ H0.00Teleport in behind of the opponent1840--

Super Move

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn GuardOn Hit
Deadly SinMeter Burn+Flip Stance33.75Unblockable11043-920

Character Power

NameCommandDamageNotesStartupRecoveryOn Guard On Hit
Demon StanceTrait0.00Activates Demon Stance which gives new Special Moves049--

Combo Examples

L, L, Forward+M, Singularity517%-
M, M, Forward+M, M, M, Singularity721%-
Back+L, M, Singularity (Meter Burn), Back+H, j.M, Forward+M, M, M, Soul Crush1138%Meter Burn combo.
Forward+M, M, Up+L, Forward+M, M, M, Singularity (Meter Burn), j.M, Forward+M, M, M Soul Crush1440%Meter Burn combo.
Forward+H, j.H, Forward+M, M, M, Singularity (Meter Burn), j.M, Forward+M, M, M, Soul Crush1344%Meter Burn combo.
Trait, Air Teleport, H while falling down, Forward+M, M, M, Event Horizon (Meter Burn), Back+H, j.M, Forward+M, M, M, Soul Crush1342%Meter Burn combo. Trait combo.
Down+M, Forward+M, M, M, Singularity413%Anti-air combo.