Street Fighter The Movie The Game Arcade

Street Fighter The Movie The Game

So this is for Street Fighter The Movie The Game Arcade version.  If you haven’t played the console releases and the arcade version you wouldn’t know how different they are. Street Fighter The Movie The Game was developed by Chicago based Incredible Technologies, making this the first Street Fighter game ever to be developed in the United States. They used digitized images of the actors while on set of Street Fighter The Movie’s filming. Well Capcom did the ports of the title to Playstation and Sega Saturn. During this process they made major changes to the game.

  • New backgrounds
  • New characters, Blanka, Deejay
  • EX moves, the first Street Fighter game to ever have EX moves
  • Sawada’s moves are different
  • Akuma is now hidden, where in the arcade he was playable from the start
  • Removed Blade and the clones of him
  • They changed the voice acting and didn’t use the original sound effects
  • Most importantly, Capcom removed some of the juggles, special moves, special move chains and generally made it more of a Street Fighter game

Generally Capcom crafted the ports to be more Street Fighter-ish. As you can see there is a huge difference in the ports and the arcade release. Not many players realize this and just lump them together.

Street Fighter The Movie The Game Arcade is probably the most underrated and hated Street Fighter game at the same time.   Incredible Technologies added new special moves, supers, throw break chain mechanics, regen move, crazy juggles, special moves into special moves e.g. shoryuken then tatsu on the way down, and more. It makes the game very unique. Next time you have a get together with your FGC crew load this game up and see if they don’t play. I mean how many times have you seen Sagat take off his eye patch and stun someone through the sheer craziness that is his eye socket.

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