Street Fighter X Tekken


Yeah. SfxT. Let’s be honest, the launch was horrible. Easily found and performed infinite combos. Jab pressure was just insane. Tekken characters were OVERALL weak when compared to the Capcom cast.  Recoverable health was too much of an issue and resulted in a lot of time outs.  Capcom went back and fixed a lot of these issues the 2013 patch.

Street Fighter X Tekken is a game where most characters can get a 300 damage anti air punish. Footsies can lead into 300 damage or so. Throws are slower than SSF4, 5 frames instead of 3 frames, but have the reward of taking away recoverable health. On knockdown you have options like roll to prevent unblockables or vortex but you take a risk either way. Zoning game is good with some fireball characters ,e.g. Ryu and Jin, being able to charge cancel their projectiles and use it in a lot of different situations. A lot of special and normal moves have adjusted start up and recovery because of reward in the case of normal moves, e.g. Dictator’s St mk. 

Overall the game favors patient players even more-so than SSF4. A result from the high damage anti air punishes and rewarding footsie game. Cross Counters aiding defensive play etc. This being the reason for it being considered boring to watch but fun to play by many. Street Fighter x Tekken still has rush down but it’s best to get a rush down character in by combo tagging them in and starting pressure. Common team setups are like; e.g. Double zoner, Jin Alisa, Zoner Grappler, Guile Zangief, Double Rush Down, Cammy Lars, Footsie Grappler, Claw + Grappler, Footsie/Zoner High Damage close up character, Chun, Hwo etc.  Mistakes are punished hard in this game. Time outs still happen in 2013 but not nearly as much as the original.  If you really think this game is bad, go back and play Capcom Fighting Jam/Evolution for two hours then come back to Street Fighter X Tekken. It’s not SSF4 sure but it’s definitely not as bad as a lot of the community makes it out to be.

All in all if developers were to learn something from Street Fighter X Tekken is that, the majority of fighting game players are beginners to intermediates and don’t all care about frame data and slower paced footsie games. They are wowed by fast pace and flashy combos and such fighting games in the future would have to cater to this audience allowing it to be streamed and watched more often.  At the same time it has to lower the learning curve. The struggle -_-.



Street Fighter


PS3 Exclusive