MoveCommandHitDamageStartupHit AdvBlock AdvCancelNotes
Far\Close LPH507+5+1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far MPH10013+2-2--
Far HPH12015+1-4--
Far\Close LKH505+1-6--
Far\Close MKH10012-4-8-Whiffs on crouching opponent
Far\Close HKH12014-3-9-Forces standing
Close MPH10011+2-2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close HPH1007-12-18SM,EX,SA,CAForces standing
Crouch LPH406+4-2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MPL8513+2-2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch HPL10011knockdown-7--
Crouch LKL507-4-8SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MKL1008-1-5SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch HKL12015hard knockdown-22--
Jump LPM607+12+4--
Jump MPM50x213+16+5-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Jump HPM13013+20+8--
Jump LKM5010+12+4--
Jump MKM1109+16+5--
Jump HKM1308+20+8--
LauncherHP+HKH10013switch-34-Crushes crouching attacks, Launches opponent while switching characters
Cross Cancelf+HP+HK (while blocking)H13016hard knockdown--Full body invulnerability, Resembles EX Rocket Upper
Megaton DropLP+LKthrow1505hard knockdown---
Iron Gunmanb+LP+LKthrow1505hard knockdown---
Giant Foot Stompu while jumping-----Giant Foot Stomp1 Armor
Pancake Pressd during Giant Foot StompH90until groundfloat-14--
Granite Stompingf+LKM10018+2-2-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Cossack Kicksd+LK > MK > LK > MK > LK > MKL50x514+1-9P-
Cossack SmashP during Coassack KicksM8016crumple-29--
Megaton Striked+LP > HPH12012-3-7-Knockdown on airborne opponent
-(close) MP > MPH4010-2-4BC-
-(close) MP > MP > MPH4010knockdown-4BC-
Machinegun Blast(close) MP > MP > MP > HPH909knockdown-3LACan be started off a Boost Combo
Diamond Reamer(far) MP > MPH10011-3-6-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Dimaond Reamer (charged)(far) MP > MP (hold)H13033knockdown-17Knockdown on airborne opponent
-MK > MPH70202-6BCKnockdown on airborne opponent
Mad DozerMK > MP > MPH10016knockdown-11-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Mad Dozer (charged)MK > MP > MP (hold)H10050wall bounce-10-Knockdown on airborne opponent, 1 Armor during frames 25~39
Piston Gun LPpress LP repeatedlyH40x39knockdown-4--
Piston Gun MPpress MP repeatedly (mash P to extend)H40x3 / 40x2,15x2, 4011knockdown-4 / -7--
Piston Gun HPpress HP repeatedly (mash P to extend)H40x3 / 40x2,15x2, 4013knockdown-4 / -7--
Piston Gun EXpress PP repeatedlyH20x4,607wall bounce-23--
Megaton Earthquakeb,d,db+PH50x212knockdown-9-Button strength determines distance
Megaton Earthquake EXd,d,db+PPL75x213knockdown-5--
Rocket Uppercut LPf,d,df+LPH10011float-1-Throw invulnerable, Counts as Projectile
Rocket Uppercut MPf,d,df+MPH1007float-19-Full body strike invulnerability frames 1-8, Projectile invulnerable, Counts as Projectile
Rocket Uppercut HPf,d,df+HPH14013float-27-Full body invulnerability frames 1-8, Throw invulnerability frames 1-11, Projectile invulnerable, Counts as Projectile
Rocket Uppercut EXf,d,df+PPH60,607float-23-Full body invulnerability frames 1-9, Counts as Projectile
Atomic Shoulder Tackle LKhcf+LKH12017knockdown-7--
Atomic Shoulder Tackle MKhcf+MKH12019knockdown-8--
Atomic Shoulder Tackle HKhcf+HKH12021knockdown-11-1 Armor
Atomic Shoulder Tackle EXhcf+KKH11020wall bounce-5-1 Armor
Gigaton Punchqcf+PH13021knockdown-7-Chargeable: 51F for EX Version and 100F for Super Art
Gigaton Punch EXqcf+PPH20017knockdown-2-Chargeable: 51F for Super Art
Giant Rushqcf+PPPH3107hard knockdown-35-65 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Full body invulnerability frames 1-10
Cross Artqcf+MK+MPH150+9switch-25-62 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Full body invulnerability frames 1-10