MoveCommandHitDamageStartupActiveRecoveryHit AdvBlock AdvCancelNotes
Far LP-H30527+8+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far MP-H609210+9+5SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far HP-H9011416+50-Crumple on counter hit
Far LK-H30648+5+1--
Far MK-H607415+2-2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far HK-H9014320+2-3SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close LP-H30438+6+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close MP-H606215+40SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close HP-H906417+4-1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close LK-H30729+6+2--
Close MK-H607213+6+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close HK-H9017218+50--
Crouch LP-H30327+8+4SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MP-H60539+9+5SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch HP-H905519+2-4SM,EX,SA,CAForces standing
Crouch LK-L30538+6+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MK-L606214+5+1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch HK-L909322hard knockdown-5--
Jump LP-M4056until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump MP-M7076until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump HP-M10086until ground+4f+20+8--
Jump LK-M4065until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump MK-M7066until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump HK-M10086until ground+4f+20+8--
LauncherHP+HKH100132(11)340switch-21-Crushes crouching attacks, Launches opponent while switching characters
Cross Cancelf+HP+HK (while blocking)H1208218hard knockdown+2-Full body invulnerability frames 1-9, Resembles Thrusting Uppercut
Tidal WaveLP+LKthrow1505220hard knockdown---
Over the Shoulder Reverseb+LP+LKthrow1505220hard knockdown---
Shun Masatsub+MP > LP or HPH,H7072270-5SM,EX,SA,CA-
Left Right Combo(far) LP > MPH509210+5+3SM,EX,SA,CA-
Inner Axe(far) LP > MP > LKM6021218-4-9-Forces standing, Doesn’t combo with rest of string
Spinning Hook Kick(far) LP > MP > MKH608218+2-2--
-LP > LKH50529+4+2-Knockdown on airborne opponent
-LP > LK > MPH3064130-2-Knockdown on airborne opponent
-LP > LK > MP > LPH30729+6+4-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Kazama Style 5 Hit ComboLP > LK > MP > LP > MKL507228hard knockdown-10--
-f+LKM5023225-4-9-Forces standing, Float on airborne opponent
-f+LK > LPH205214-1-3-Knockdown on airborne opponent
-f+LK > LP > LKH50529+4+2-Knockdown on airborne opponent
-f+LK > LP > LK > MPH3064130-2-Knockdown on airborne opponent
-f+LK > LP > LK > MP > LKH30729+6+4-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Kazama Style 6 Hit Combof+LK > LP > LK > MP > LK > MKL507228hard knockdown-10--
Penetrating Fistqcf+PH6024-29knockdown-3-Chargeable: 51 frames for EX Version and 100 frames for Super Art, Projectile remains active for 49 frames, Button strength determines distance
Penetrating Fist EXqcf+PP-70,708-41+8+4-Chargeable: 51F for Super Art, Projectiles remains active for 69 frames each, Button combination determines distance
Median Line Destruction LPf,b,f+LPH50,20,6092(7)2(8)539hard knockdown-23--
Median Line Destruction MPf,b,f+MPH50,20,20,60102(7)2(7)2(10)539hard knockdown-23--
Median Line Destruction HPf,b,f+HPH50,20,20,20,60112(7)2(7)2(8)2(13)526hard knockdown-10--
Median Line Destruction EXf,b,f+EXH50,20,20,60132(7)2(7)2(16)526wall bounce-8--
Power Stance LPqcb+LP----39--SM(not Power Stance),EX,SA,CAAbsorbs Non-Super/Cross Art strike and projectiles frames 3-13, Cancelable frames 3-18
Power Stance MPqcb+MP----44--SM(not Power Stance),EX,SA,CAAbsorbs Non-Super/Cross Art strike and projectiles frames 3-18, Cancelable frames 3-22
Power Stance HPqcb+HP----55--SM(not Power Stance),EX,SA,CAAbsorbs Non-Super/Cross Art strike and projectiles frames 3-33, Cancelable frames 3-37
Power Stance EXqcb+PP----48--SM(not Power Stance),EX,SA,CAAbsorbs Non-Super/Cross Art strike and projectiles frames 1-26, Cancelable frames 11-31, Grants next attack counter hit properties
Special Stepf,n,d,df----35---Upper body projectile invulnerability frames 1-28, Input frames 1-28, Inputs on frames 1-8 execute on frame 9, After frame 9 will execute 1 frame after input
Thrusting UppercutLP during Special StepH608223float-3-Upper body projectile invulnerability frames 1-8
Right Roundhouse PunchMP during Special StepH13013236hard knockdown-20-Upper body projectile invulnerability frames 1-4
Lunging Low Roundouse KickMK during Special StepL508230hard knockdown-14-Upper body projectile invulnerability frames 1-3
Spinning Flare KickLK+MK during Special StepM8020627knockdown-8-Airborne frames 1-25
Spinning Flare KickKK during Lunging Low Round House KickM10014633knockdown-14-Airborne frames 1-19
Mental Alertnessd+KK----49---Full body strike invulnerability frames 1-10, Input frames 1-23, Input on frames 1-9 execute on frame 10, After frame 10 will execute 1 frame after input
Left Drill PunchLP during Mental AlertnessH10014225+2-5--
Swinging Fist StrikesMP or HP during Left Drill PunchH1007234knockdown-14--
Swaying WillowMP or HP during Mental AlertnessH1005227+2-3-Stagger (+30) on counter hit
Leaping Side KickLK during Mental AlertnessH1007724float--Whiffs on grounded opponents, Crushes airborne attacks, Airborne frames 5-29
Right hard knockdownMK or HK during Mental AlternessL10017226hard knockdown-10--
Devil Beamqcf+PPPH33016-64hard knockdown-31-63 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Full body invulnerability frames 1-14
Cross Artqcf+MP+MKH,M150+82(16)232switch-11-64 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Full body invulnerability frames 1-9