MoveCommandHitDamageStartupActiveRecoveryHit AdvBlock AdvCancelNotes
Far\Close LPH30548+5+1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far\Close MPH608410+7+3SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far HPH9011422-1-6--
Far LKH30529+6+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far MKH607415+2-2--
Far HKH9013623-4-9--
Close HPH907422-1-6SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close LKH30529+6+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close MKH606316+2-2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close HKH9011415+6+1--
Crouch LPH30446+7+3SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MPL605411+6+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch HPH906720-1-7SM,EX,SA,CAForces standing
Crouch LKL305410+3-1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MKL608812+1-3SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch HKL9092(20)223hard knockdown-5--
Jump LPM4054until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump MPM7077until ground+4f+16+12--
Jump HPM100114until ground+4f+20+8--
Jump LKM4058until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump MKM7077until ground+4f+16+12--
Jump HKM100129until ground+4f+20+8--
LauncherHP+HKH10013254switch-34-Crushes crouching attacks, Launches opponent while switching characters
Cross Cancelf+HP+HK (while blocking)H12014723hard knockdown-8-Full body invulnerability frames 1-20, Resembles Hunting Tomahawk 2nd hit
Wild StallionLP+LKthrow1305220hard knockdown---
Mad Axesb+LP+LKthrow1305220hard knockdown---
Koldaf+HPH8012327+60-Ground bounce on airborne opponent
Party Crasherf,f+MPH608321+7+2-Knockdown on airborne opponent
-LP > b+MPH508413+20SM,EX,SA,CAKnockdown on airborne opponent
-LP > b+MP > LPH40141013-2-8-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Baiyuan SanshouLP > b+MP > LP > LPL7012326hard knockdown-7--
-LP > LPH5015322-4-7-Knockdown on airborne opponent, Doesn’t combo
Divine ImpactLP > LP > MPM9016919knockdown-10--
Divine InterventionLP > LP > MKL7013414+30SM,EX,SA,CAKnockdown on airborne opponent
-b+MPH506519-3-6-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Trickling Streamb+MP > LPL6015710+4+1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Raging Rapidsb+MP > MPH7013526float-9--
-f+MPH6012419-2-5-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Slow Power Punch Combof+MP > LPH8018327float-6--
Slow Power Punch to Low Kickf+MP > LKL7012232-12-16SM,EX,SA,CA-
Slow Power Punch to High Kickf+MP > MKH8012425-8-11SM,EX,SA,CAFloat airborne opponent, Forces standing
-f+MKH609320-2-5-Stagger (+35) on standing counter hit, (+18) on crouching counter hit, Knockdown on airborne opponent
-f+MK > MP or HPH5014428-11-14SM,EX,SA,CAKnockdown on airborne opponent
Red Orchid Combof+MK > MP or HP > KH9011431+6-15-Knockdown on airborne opponent, Forces standing
Mountain Crusherf+MK > MP or HP > f+PH5014428-1-12SM,EX,SA,CAKnockdown on airborne opponent
Swift Stephcf+LP----31---Airborne frames 15-25, Input b,b between frames 1-27 to cancel into backdash, Backdash is 4 frames shorter than normal backdash
Swift Step EXhcf+LP+MP----32---1 Armor frames 1-15, Airborne frames 16-26, Input b,b between frames 1-28 to cancel into backdash, Backdash is 4 frames shorter than normal backdash
Lashing Arrowhcf+MPH120161014knockdown-9-Airborne frames 16-29
Lashing Arrow EXhcf+LP+HPH100161014wall bounce-9-1 Armor frames 1-16, Airborne frames 17-29
Swift Step Explosionhcf+HPM10039815crumple-5-Airborne frames 15-24, Knockdown on airborne opponent, Input b,b between frames 1-33 to cancel into backdash, Backdash is 4 frames shorter than normal backdash
Swift Step Explosion EXhcf+MP+HPM10039815crumple-5-1 Armor frames 1-15, Airborne frames 16-25, Knockdown on airborne opponent, Input b,b between frames 1-34 to cancel into backdash, Backdash is 4 frames shorter than normal backdash
Rising Kick LKf,d,df+LKH1306644knockdown-37-Full body strike invulnerability frames 1-8, Airborne frames 6-40
Rising Kick MKf,d,df+MKH80,6071(1)636knockdown-29-Full body strike invulnerability frames 1-6, Airborne frames 7-39, 2nd hit: Whiffs on crouching opponent, On Block: -31 on crouching opponent
Rising Kick HKf,d,df+HKH100,6071(1)838knockdown-24-Airborne frames 7-42
Rising Kick EXf,d,df+KKH100,7061(1)642knockdown-26-Full body invulnerability frames 1-10, Airborne frames 7-39
Tiger Strikeqcb+PH50,10013328hard knockdown-9-Chargeable: 51F for EX Version and 100F for Super Art
Tiger Strike EXqcf+PPH80,12016345hard knockdown-26-Chargeable: 51F for Super Art
Wind Roll LKhcf+LK----24---Projectile invulnerability frames 1-15
Wind Roll MKhcf+MK----25---Projectile invulnerability frames 1-16
Wind Roll HKhcf+HK----26---Projectile invulnerability frames 1-17
Wind Roll EXhcf+KK----24---Projectile invulnerability frames 1-17
Tequila Sunrise Elbow Smash 1stP during Wind RollM5016735+3-20-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Tequila Sunrise Elbow Smash 2ndP during Tequila SunriseH8025913knockdown+2--
Hunting Tomahawk 1st hitK during Wind RollH608433-3-13-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Hunting Tomahawk 2nd hitP during Hunting TomahawkH10025723knockdown-8--
Wind Roll Explosion 1st hitd+K during Wind RollL5017235-3-13-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Wind Roll Explosion 2nd hitPP during Wind Roll ExplosionH10018723knockdown-8--
Iron Mountain Rushqcb+PPPH3104335hard knockdown-16-68 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Full body invulnerability frames 1-4
Cross Artqcf+MP+MKH150+9246switch-26-63 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Full body invulnerability frames 1-10