MoveCommandHitDamageStartupActiveRecoveryHit AdvBlock AdvCancelNotes
Far LPH40739+5+1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far MPH709416+1-3SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far HPH100126190-5--
Far LKH407310+40SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far MKH70114170-4--
Far HKH10019417+4-1--
Close LPH404510+3-2SM,EX,SA,CAForces standing
Close MPH706312+6+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close HPH10014420+1-4SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close LKH404212+3-1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close MKH70104170-4SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close HKH10014417+1-1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch LPH40529+6+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MPH706314+40SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch HPH10010422knockdown-6SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch LKL405311+3-1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MKL709419-2-6--
Crouch HKH10014452hard knockdown-36SM,EX,SA,CA-
Jump LPM5064until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump Up MPM8086until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump Up HPM110144until ground+4f+20+8--
Jump LKM5084until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump Up MKM80109until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump Up HKM110136until ground+4fground bounce+8--
Jump Diagonal MPM80104until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump Diagonal HPM110158until ground+4f+20+8--
Jump Diagonal MKM80116until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump Diagonal HKM100146until ground+4fground bounce+8--
LauncherHP+HKH10013254switch-34-Crushes crouching attacks, Launches opponent while switching characters
Cross Cancelf+HP+HK (while blocking)H13013338hard knockdown-9-Full body invulnerability frames 1-15, Resembles Spinning Backfist
Knee BreakerLP+LKthrow1505220hard knockdown---
Around the Worldb+LP+LKthrow1505220hard knockdown---
Mongolian Chopf+PPM10023321+8-1-Forces standing
Spinning Backfistb+MPH10030330+5-6-Full body 1 Armor during frames 1-29, +8 on counter hit
Wake Up HammerP (lying face down on ground)H12019425+2-11-Full body invulnerability frames 1-10, +5 on standing counter hit, Forces standing
Wake Up hard knockdownd+P (lying face down on ground)L11018232hard knockdown-16-Full body invulnerability frames 1-10
Revolving Trap Kick(far) LK > MK or HKH50124130-2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Jab Body Combo(far) MP > d+HPH4073140-2SM,EX,SA,CAKnockdown on airborne opponent
Left Right Combo(far) MP > HPH4010628-15-18-Knockdown on airborne opponent
-(far) MP > HP > MKH4012421-8-10BC, LADoesn't combo
Left Right to Gut Check(far) MP > HP > MK > MP+HPH1008527hard knockdown-15--
Left Right to Power Elbow(far) MP > HP > f+MP or HPH309313+1-5-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Craig Rush(far) MP > HP > f+MP > d+PPH707320flip-5--
Quick Elbow Combo(far) HP > MP or HPH309313+1-5SM,EX,SA,CAKnockdown on airborne opponent
Catapult Tackle Combo(far) HP > d+PPH707320flip-5--
Gator Slam LPf,d,df+LPthrow1506437hard knockdown--Crushes airborne attacks frames 1-9
Gator Slam MPf,d,df+MPthrow1605437hard knockdown---
Gator Slam HPf,d,df+HPthrow1809437hard knockdown---
Gator Slam EXf,d,df+PPthrow2006435hard knockdown--Crushes airborne attacks frames 1-10
Northern Lights Suplex LPhcb+LPthrow1604238hard knockdown---
Northern Lights Suplex MPhcb+MPthrow1704238hard knockdown---
Northern Lights Suplex HPhcb+HPthrow1804238hard knockdown---
Northern Lights Suplex EXhcb+PPthrow2404238hard knockdown--Full body invulnerability frames 1-4
Double Leg Takedownhcb+KH308347hard knockdown-31P, KChargeable: 51F for EX Version and 100F for Super Art, Only hits grounded or ground bounced opponent, Airborne frames 8-17
Mount Mongolian ChopP during Double Leg Takedown-110---hard knockdown---
Hercules HammerK during Double Leg Takedown-160---hard knockdown---
Double Leg Takedown EXhcb+KKH1408364wall bounce-48-Chargeable: 51F for Super Art, Only hits grounded or ground bounced opponent, Airborne frames 9-18
Mount Rushhcb+KKKH35033110hard knockdown-96-72 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Full body invulnerability frames 1-5, Airborne frames 4-15
Cross Artqcf+MP+MKH150+92(21)2(23)234switch-15-65 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Full body invulnerability frames 1-10