MoveCommandHitDamageStartupActiveRecoveryHit AdvBlock AdvCancelNotes
Far LPH304211+40SM,EX,SA,CA-
Far MPH607217+2-2--
Far HPH908323-1-6-Crumples on standing counter hit
Far LKH305210+5+1--
Far MKH608218+1-3--
Far HKH50,4052,227-4-9--
Close LPH304211+40SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close MPH607216+3-1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close HPH45x273(6)316+701st hit: SM,EX,SA,CAForces standing
Close LKH304211+40--
Close MKH606213+6+2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Close HKH50,4042,2230-6--
Crouch LPH304211+40SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MPH604220-1-5SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch HPH905227-3-9-Forces standing
Crouch LKL304210+5+1SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch MKL606313+5-2SM,EX,SA,CA-
Crouch HKL9091317hard knockdown-10--
Jump Up LPM4055until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump Up MPM7053until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump Up HPM10062until ground+4f+20+8--
Jump Up LKM4069until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump Up MKM7066until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump Up HKM10045until ground+4f+20+8-Knockdown on airborne opponent
Jump Diagonal LPM4055until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump Diagonal MPM7055until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump Diagonal HPM10064until ground+4f+20+8--
Jump Diagonal LKM4067until ground+4f+12+4--
Jump Diagonal MKM7067until ground+4f+16+5--
Jump Diagonal HKM10066until ground+4f+20+8--
LauncherHP+HKH10013254switch-34-Crushes crouching attacks, Launches opponent while switching characters
Cross Cancelf+HP+HK (while blocking)H12016517hard knockdown-4-Full body invulnerability frames 1-16, Resembles Cosmic Heel
Rainbow SuplexLP+LKthrow1305220hard knockdown---
Crescent Lineb+LP+LKthrow1305220hard knockdown---
Stardust DropLP+LK (air)throw19052until ground+4fhard knockdown---
Piece of Mercurydf+MKM6022312+40-On hit: +2 on crouching opponent, Knockdown on airborne opponent
Cosmic Heeldf+HKH9013517knockdown-4-Whiffs on crouching opponent
Back SlashPPP----67---Full body invulnerability frames 1-60
Short Back SlashKKK----43---Full body invulnerability frames 1-33
Wall Jumpuf near wall----28----
Rolling Crystal Flash LP(charge 59F) b,f+LPH20,70109(6)428-1-3--
Rolling Crystal Flash MP(charge 59F) b,f+MPH10x3,80229(5)8(5)8(5)426+1-5--
Rolling Crystal Flash HP(charge 59F) b,f+HPH10x4,90259(5)8(5)9(5)8(5)426+4-7--
Rolling Crystal Flash EX(charge 59F) b,f+PPH25x4,30259(5)8(5)9(5)8(5)416+8+3-Projectile invulnerability frames 1-83
Scarlet Terror LK(charge 41F) db,f+LKH7081023float-18--
Scarlet Terror MK(charge 41F) db,f+MKH40,4081024float-19--
Scarlet Terror HK(charge 41F) db,f+HKH60,6051224float-21--
Scarlet Terror EX(charge 41F) db,f+KKH80,8051223float-20--
Flying Barcelona Attack LK(charge 41F) d,u+LK----91/102----
Flying Barcelona Attack MK(charge 41F) d,u+MK----91/105----
Flying Barcelona Attack HK(charge 41F) d,u+HK----91/106----
Flying Barcelona Attack EX(charge 41F) d,u+KKH5010until wall81/86float-2--
Flying Barcelona Attack Follow-UpP during Flying Barcelona AttackM120411until ground+31ffloat-13--
Flying Barcelona Attack EXP during EX Flying Barcelona AttackM30x212(1)11until ground+31ffloat-11--
Izuna Drop(close) b or f+P during Flying Barcelona Attackthrow15012until ground+31fhard knockdown---
Remove Clawf,d,df+LP----41---Removes claw: All P-normals and P-specials receive a 10 damage penalty
Remove Claw EXf,d,df+LP+MP----41---Removes mask: All attacks do 10% more damage, but Vega also receives 10% more damage
Sky High Claw(charge 41F) d,u+PH11026-42until opponent/wall35/40-13/-15-6/ -7-Chargeable: 51F for EX Version and 100F for Super Art, Position determines start up, Wall bounce on counter hit
Sky High Claw EX(charge 41F) d,u+PPH60x221-302130float-14-Chargeable: 51F for Super Art, Position determines start up
Bloody High Claw (Forward)(charge 41F) d,u+PPPH50,236until opponent/wall4hard knockdown-23-65 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Strike invulnerable until Vega reaches wall
Bloody High Claw (Backward)(charge 41F) d,u+PPPH23034until opposite wall4hard knockdown-17-65 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Strike invulnerability frames 1-4
Cross Artqcf+MP+MKH150+91540switch-33-62 frames cinematic freeze before attack begins, Full body invulnerability frames 1-10