Character Information


Cammy is a strong pressure character with a great reversal.


Character Stats

Stamina 950

Stun 950



 Notable Normals


Standing Attacks

  • Standing Close Light Punch

Special cancelable and fast. +7 on hit Can Combo into Sweep from St Lp

  • Far Medium Punch

Great range and good poke.

  • Close Standing Hard Punch

Very strong close range normal and anti cross over. Combo Staple.

  • Standing Hard Kick

Furthest reaching normal


Crouching Attacks

  • Crouching Light Punch

Fast special cancelable normal.

  • Crouching Medium Punch

Strong poke.

  • Crouching Hard Punch

Frame traps and combos

  • Crouching Light Kick

Low hitting combo/ Block string starter

  • Crouching Medium Kick

Long reaching and Special cancelable. Great poke.


 Jumping Attacks

  • Jumping Forward/Back Hard Punch

Great jump in

  • Jumping Forward Light Kick

Great jump in for mix ups due to it’s low hit stun. Cross up.

  • Jumping Forward/Back Hard Kick

Great horizontal range.


Special Normals

  • Air throw, Lp+Lk in air.

Air to air option.


Anti Airs


  • Crouching Hard Punch
  • Cannon Spike
  • Close Standing Hard punch,

Very good against some cross overs.

  • Hooligan Throw out of Hooligan Combonation to catch them in the air jumping back.

 Special Moves

Spiral Arrow

  • qcf-kick

Cammy’s best combo ender.

Ex goes through projectiles.

Cannon Spike

  • dp-kick

Cammy’s best anti air.

Quick Spin Knuckle

  • hcb-punch

Goes through projectiles and armor breaks.

Hooligan Combination

  •  Cammy H



Super Move

Spin Drive Smasher



Ultra 1 – Gyro Drive Smasher

  • qcfx2-kickx3


Ultra 2 – Cammy Quick Combination

  •  Qcb Qcb + PPP






Basic Combos

All these work with most jump ins such as Jumping Hard Kick or Hard Punch

  • Close Hp, Spiral Arrow
  • Crouching Hp, Crouching Mk, Hk Spiral Arrow
  • Crouching Mk, Hk Spiral Arrow
  • Crouching Lk, Crouching Lp, Crouching Mp, Hk Spiral Arrow
  • Crouching Lp, Close Standing Hp, Crouching Mk,  Hk Spiral Arrow
  • Close Standing Lp, Crouching Hk
  • Crouching Hp, St Mp, Hk Spiral Arrow

Hit Confirm Combos

These combos are best used from a really close distance to the opponent and will give you time to see if your hit connects to do the appropriate special move.

  • Cr Lk, Cr Lp, Cr Mk
  • Cr lp, Cr hp, Cr Mk
  • Close/Cr Mp/Hp, Cr Mk
  • Cr Lp, Cr lp, St Lp
  • Jump in deep, Stand Mp, Cr Hp, Cr Mk — Character specific
  • Crouching opponent, St mp, Cr mp, Cr mk

Punish Combos

These will be your high damage hard hitting punishment combos. You want to use these when the opponent makes a mistake that is big enough for the particular punish.

    -3 Frames or more

  • Crouching Light Punch 
  • Standing Light Punch

    -4 Frames or more

  • Close Medium/Hard Punch
  • Crouching Light Kick

    -5 Frames or More

  • Crouching Medium Punch
  • Cannon Spike


    -6 Frames or more

  • Crouching Medium Kick
  • Super

    -7 Frames or more

  • Spiral Arrow

    -10,-11 Frames or more

  • Ultra 1



Combos Into Ultra

  • Neutral Jump in Hard Punch then Ultra
  • Focus Attack crumble dash then Ultra
  • Cannon Spike FADC  Back Ultra 1
  • Cannon Strike, Ultra
  • Counterhit Cr Hp, Ultra 1




Safe Jumps

Vs C.Viper

  • Back throw, cr lk whiff, cross over j lk


How to beat Cammy