Character Information


Gouken’s a hard hitting zoning character with high stun combos and decent mix ups. His wake up game may be weak but his strengths really make him stand out.


Character Stats

Stamina 1000

Stun 1000



 Notable Normals


Standing Attacks

  • Standing Light Punch

Special cancelable and fast.

  • Close Standing Medium Punch

Special cancelable normal, +7 on hit +4 on block. One of his strongest normals.

  • Far Medium Punch

Great range and good poke.

  • Close/Far Standing Hard Punch

Strong poke from far and up close it is best used as punishment.

  • Standing Light Kick

Excellent space builder as used during a long string. Example, Cr lp cr lp cr lp St Lk, or cr lp cr lp st lk cr lk.

  • Close Standing Medium Kick

Excellent when used for pressure because of very little push back. For example, cornered opponent Cl Mk, Lp Gohadoken, Cl Mk etc Not a true block string but against characters with weaker reversals it’s extremely good.


Crouching Attacks

  • Crouching Light Punch

Fast special cancelable normal.

  • Crouching Medium Punch

Really good normal, special cancelable and it hits low.  You can combo Cr Mp into Mp Senkugoshoha or use it to pressure with Lp GoHadoken,when safe, as this will not connect.

  • Crouching Hard Punch

Strong anti air and combo normal.

  • Crouching Light Kick

Far reaching and special cancelable

  • Crouching Medium Kick

Strange angle anti air.

  • Crouching Hard Kick

Hard knock down and can be combo’d into from Cl Mp



 Jumping Attacks

  • Jumping Forward/Back Medium Punch

Two hit air normal that is special cancelable after the first hit. You can go into Tatsumaki Gorasen after the first hit or get both hits then try to connect jump back HK. If you only land one hit of it in as an air to air you can pretty much hit then opponent with anything after. The best choice often being Cr HK for the hard knock down.

  • Jumping Forward/Back Hard Punch

This is really good as a jump in.

  • Jumping Forward Medium Kick


  • Jumping Forward/Back Hard Kick

Good air to air


Special Normals

  • Forward + Medium Punch

Gouken’s standing overhead.

  • At the Peak of Forward Jump, Down + Medium Kick

Dive Kick

Anti Airs


  • Crouching Hard Punch
  • Crouching Medium Kick, best used in corner
  • Close Hard Punch, best used against empty jump cross overs
  • Close Hard Kick, used at extremly close jump in angles like a neutral jump
  • Hard Punch Hyakkishu
  • Medium Punch Gohadoken or Hard Punch Gohadoken potential follow up Hard Punch Senkugoshoha
  • Ex Tatsumaki Gorasen
  • Super
  • Ultra 1
  • Jump Forward/Back Mp, one hit of Mp canceled into Tatsumaki

 Special Moves


  • fb-punch

Gouken’s Projectile, it’s very good in a fireball war and controlling space. Light punch goes straight forward, Medium punch at a slight upward angle and Hard punch at an even higher one.

Ex GoHadoken shoots one fireball horizontally like Light punch’s and another fireball at a 45 degree angle.


  • dp-punch

Useful for passing through projectiles and punishing attacks from a distance.

The EX version is two hits, and you can FADC the first hit to extend the combo. Example, Ex Senkugoshoha FADC Dash Cr Hk

Tatsumaki Gorasen

  • qcb-kick

Used as a Combo ender. Can be done in the air.



  • dp-kick

Gouken’s Demon flip. These are the follow ups.

  • Press Nothing: Sweep
  • Punch: Air Parry, will absorb most attacks.
  • Kick: Dive Kick attack.
  • Throw: Air Grab.

Ex Hyakkishu has invulnerable frames on the way up.


  • Back, Down, Down Back + Any Punch

Counter move, depending on the strength of the button,  Gouken counters different attacks. Light punch counters low attacks, Medium counters mid attacks and Hard punch counters high attacks,

Ex Kongoshin counters everything.

Both of these counters lose to armor breaking attacks.


Super Move

Forbidden Shoryuken

  • qcfx2-punch



Ultra 1 – Shin Shoryuken

  • qcfx2-punchx3


Ultra 2 – Denjin Hadouken

  • qcfx2-kickx3






Basic Combos

Most of these work with most jump ins such as Jumping Hard Kick or Hard Punch

  • Close Hp, Lp GoHadoken
  • Close Hp, Hp Senkugoshoha
  • Close Mp, Lp Gohadoken, Crouching Hk
  • Close Mp, Crouching Hp Ex Senkugoshoha dash forward Crouching Hk
  • Close Mp, Crouching Hp cancel into any comboing special. Also Super.
  • Back Throw, Jump Forward 1 hit of J Mp then Cr Hk
  • Back Throw, Tatsumaki Gorasen

Hit Confirm Combos

These combos are best used from a really close distance to the opponent and will give you time to see if your hit connects to do the appropriate special move.

  • Cr lp, Cr lp, Stand Lk, Cr lk
  • Close St Mp, Cr Hp
  • Close St Mp, Cr Hk
  • Close St Lp, Close St Mk

Punish Combos

These will be your high damage hard hitting punishment combos. You want to use these when the opponent makes a mistake that is big enough for the particular punish.

    -3 Frames or more

  • Forbidden Shoryuken    

    -4 Frames or more

  • Crouching Light Punch cancel into Lp Senkugoshoha or any string ending with Cr Lk to coutinue pressure by special canceling it into Hyakkishu. 

    -5 Frames or More

  • Close Standing Medium Punch into Cr Hp then Senkugoshoha/Super/Ex etc


    -6 Frames or more

  • Crouching Hk or Hp, preferably Cr Hk becuase of it’s range and hard knock down. 


    -10,-11 Frames or more

  • Ultra 1



Combos Into Ultra

  •  Jump in Hard Punch then Ultra
  • Focus Attack crumble dash then Ultra
  • Back Throw then Ultra
  • Corner only Ex Senkugoshoha Ultra
  • Corner only Ex Senkugoshoha, Hp Gohadoken, Lp Gohadoken, Lp Senkugoshoha, Ultra 2
  • Ex Senkugoshoha FADC Ultra 1
  • Anti Air Medium/Hard Gohadoken then Ultra 2





How to beat Gouken