ken sf4

Character Information




Character Stats

Stamina 1000

Stun 1000



 Notable Normals


Standing Attacks

  • Standing Far/Close Light Punch

Special cancelable and fast. +7 on hit

  • Far Medium Punch

Great range and good poke.

  • Close Standing Medium Kick

Very strong close range normal

  • Standing Hard Kick

Furthest reaching normal


Crouching Attacks

  • Crouching Light Punch

Fast special cancelable normal.

  • Crouching Medium Punch

Strong poke.

  • Crouching Hard Punch

Forces stand very useful in Tatsu combos.

  • Crouching Light Kick

Low hitting combo/ Block string starter

  • Crouching Medium Kick

Long reaching and Special cancelable. Great poke.


 Jumping Attacks

  • Jumping Forward/Back Hard Punch

This is really good as a jump in. Can cross up.

  • Jumping Forward Light Kick

Great jump in for mix ups due to it’s low hit stun. Also in the corner it can appear to be a cross up but lands in front depending on timing. It can cross up as well.

  • Jumping Forward Medium Kick


  • Jumping Forward/Back Hard Kick

Good air to air


Special Normals

  • Medium Punch then Hard Punch

Target Combo ala Third Strike. Not as strong as Ken’s other options in this game though.

  • Forward + Medium Kick

Ken’s Step kick best used to get in safely and also Kara things like Throw and Hadouken. His Kara Throw is the best in the game.

  • Back Medium Kick

Ken’s quick overhead.

  • Forward + Hard Kick

Ken steps forward and then hits the opponent with an overhead kick. If you hold down the Hard Kick when performing this move it will leave out the kick and he will just step forward.

Anti Airs


  • Crouching Hard Punch
  • Medium punch or Ex Shoryuken
  • Ultra 1
  • Light Punch Shoryuken, followed by Medium, Hard or Ex and in corner it’s possible to land Ultra 1

 Special Moves


  • fb-punch

Ken’s zoning game is weak but still viable in a lot of match ups.


  • dp-punch

 Light and Hard punch Shoryuken each have a 3 frame start up.

Medium punch and Ex Shoryuken have more invincibility than the other 2 but start up in 4 frames. 6 frames of invincibility on Medium and 9 on Ex.

Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku

  • qcb-kick

Used as a Combo ender. Can be done in the air. Can go over/through some projectiles.

Armor breaks.

Ken’s Hk Tatsu leaves him at -1 and close to the opponent.

Ex Tatsu leaves Ken at +1 for continued pressure and mix ups making it a preferable combo ender.

All ground tatsu’s whiff on crouching opponents.



Super Move


  • qcfx2-punch



Ultra 1 – Shinryuuken

  • qcfx2-punchx3


Ultra 2 – Guren Senpuukyaku

  • qcfx2-kickx3






Basic Combos

All these work with most jump ins such as Jumping Hard Kick or Hard Punch

  • Close Hk,  Hk Tatsu
  • Close Hk, Hp Shoryuken
  • Crouching Mk, Hadouken
  • Crouching Lk, Crouching Lp, Crouching Fp, Hk Tatsumaki
  • Crouching Lk, Crouching Lp, Crouching Lp, Hp Shoryuken

Hit Confirm Combos

These combos are best used from a really close distance to the opponent and will give you time to see if your hit connects to do the appropriate special move.

  • Cr Lk, Cr Lp, Cr Mk
  • Cr Lk, Cr Lp, Cr Hp
  • Close Mk, Cr Mk
  • Cr Lp, Cr lp, St Lp

Punish Combos

These will be your high damage hard hitting punishment combos. You want to use these when the opponent makes a mistake that is big enough for the particular punish.

    -2 Frames or more

  • Super

    -3 Frames or more

  • Lp or Hp Shoryuken
  • Crouching Light Punch 
  • Crouching Light Kick

    -4 Frames or more

  •  Close Standing Light Punch
  • Crouching Medium Kick

    -5 Frames or More

  • Crouching Medium Punch
  • Crouching Hard Punch


    -6 Frames or more

  •  Close Medium Punch
  • Close Hard Punch

    -7 Frames or more

  • Ultra 2

    -10,-11 Frames or more

  • Ultra 1



Combos Into Ultra

  •  Jump in Hard Punch then Ultra
  • Focus Attack crumble dash then Ultra
  • Shoryuken FADC Ultra 1
  • Cross over air Ex tatsu Ultra
  • Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Light Punch, Far Stand Light Punch Ultra 2





How to beat Ken