Character Information

Rose is a character that can zone with good pokes, able to reflect and/or absorb projectile wars, decent projectile of her own, good mid range attacks, and she has one of the best back dashes in the game. Rose’s Focus Attack is not good, no move that can be used on wake up that is safe, and slow start up and recovery projectiles.


Character Stats

Stamina 950

Stun 1000


 Notable Normals


Standing Attacks

  • Close Standing Medium Punch

Good for tick throws and to start combos with. +1 on block and + 4 on hit.

  • Close/Far Standing Medium Kick

Close version avoids grabs making this really good to use against opponents wake up if they like to wake up throw and can combo after hit. 0 on block and +3 on hit. The Far version is a good poke.

  • Close/Far Standing Hard Kick

Close version is good for starting combos. -2 on block and +3 on hit. Far version is a really good poke with good range on it.


Crouching Attacks

  • Crouching Light Punch

Good for hit confirm combos and safe on block

  • Crouching Medium Punch

This attack comes at fast and beats out a lot of the opponents attacks and can cancel into special moves. 4 Frame start up.

  • Crouching Light Kick

Fastest low that can be linked into crouching light punch or crouching medium punch.

  • Crouching Medium Kick

Good counter poking tool to stop opponents crouching attacks and can cancel into special moves.

  • Crouching Hard Kick

Decent start up low that causes knockdown. It has good reach but it is -10 on block making it easy to punish.


 Jumping Attacks

  • Jumping Forward/Back Medium Punch

Good air to air.

  • Jumping Forward/Back Medium Kick

Cross over.

  • Jumping Forward/Back Hard Punch.

Main jump in attack.


Special Normals

  • Slide, Down Forward + Medium Kick

A moving low that is good attack to move in on the opponent at the right distance.

  • Soul Piede, Forward + Hard Kick

Good range normal that can catch opponents off guard if they try moving in on you.


Anti Airs

  • Crouching Hard Punch

Main anti air. 5 frame start up, and 100 damage.

  • Soul Throw or Ex Soul Throw

Can be used as an anti air but some jump ins with beat the normal versions so Ex is recommended to be sure that it will go through their jump ins.

  • Soul Piede

Decent anti air if they are going to land out of your crouching hard punch reach.

  • Ultra 1

Great anti air if you have ultra and know they are going to jump. 12 Frame start up.


 Special Moves

Soul Spark

  • Back,Down Back, Down, Down Forward, Forward + any Punch

Rose’s projectile. The Light version starts up fast with 14 frame start up but travels the slowest. The Medium version starts up  slower with 22 frame start up but goes a little faster. The Hard version starts up the slowest with 29 frame start up but goes the fastest. Ex version has the same start up as Light but goes the fastest and has fastest recovery.

Soul Spiral

  • Down, Down Forward, Forward + any Kick

Good combo ender move that causes knockdown. Light version starts up the fastest but the most punishable version being -8 on block. Medium version starts up a little slower but is less punishable being -6 on block. Hard version starts up the slowest but is -4 on block. The Ex version has invincibility frames on start up so it can be used as a decent wake up attack but is -6 on block and it starts up almost as fast as the Light version but goes as far as the Hard version.. All versions do 100 damage and 100 stun.

Soul Throw

  • Forward, Down, Down Forward + any Punch

Anti air move. Light version travels the shortest distance, Medium in the middle, and Hard/Ex versions travel the most distance. Ex version has invincibility on start up frames making it a decent wake up move. All versions have 6 frame start up and do 160 damage.

Soul Reflect

  • Back,Down Back, Down, Down Forward, Forward + any Kick then Punch for Straight or Kick for Upper

An absorbing or reflect projectile move. Light version absorbs the projectile, gives you extra meter, and buffs your next Soul Spark move and Super by 4 points for every absorbed projectile. It stacks up to 7 times. Medium version reflects the projectile back to the opponent. Hard version reflects them upward. Ex version starts up fastest and can reflect Ex projectiles.

Super Move

  •  Aura Soul Spark , Down, Down Forward, Forward,  Down, Down Forward, Forward + any Punch

Easy super to combo into, does good damage, and safe on block.



  • Ultra 1, Illusion Spark, Down, Down Forward, Forward,Down, Down Forward, Forward + all three Punch

This ultra can be used as an anti air and it has good reach to punish attacks from a distance. 12 frame start up.

  • Ultra 2, Soul Satellite, Down, Down Back, Back, Down, Down Back, Back + all three punches

Good ultra for everything. After using the ultra, 2 orbs will follow you and damage the opponent on contact but they will go away if you get hit so you have to play safe while moving toward your opponent.


Basic Combos

All these work with most jump ins such as Jumping Hard Kick or Hard Punch

  • Crouching Medium Punch cancel into Soul Spiral or Soul Spark

Hit Confirm Combos

These combos are best used from a really close distance to the opponent and will give you time to see if your hit connects to do the appropriate special move.

  • Crouching Light Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Medium Punch cancel into Ex Soul Spiral or Soul Spark
  • Crouching Light Kick,Crouching Light Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Medium Punch cancel into Ex Soul Spiral
  • Close Standing Medium Punch, Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Medium Punch cancel into Ex Soul Spiral
  • Crouching Hard Punch cancel into Soul Spiral cancel into Aura Soul Spark


Punish Combos

These will be your high damage hard hitting punishment combos. You want to use these when the opponent makes a mistake that is big enough for the particular punish.

    -3 Frames or more

  • Crouching Light Punch, Crouching Light Kick

   -4 Frames or More

  • Crouching Medium Punch cancel into Soul Spiral

    -5 Frames or more

  • Crouching Hard Punch cancel into Soul Spiral

Combos Into Ultra

Usually if you are behind on life you will need to land Ultra when possible to gain the lead. Also anytime when presented that you can land Ultra in a under half health situation is always good.

  • Focus Attack crumble dash then Ultra
  • Crouching Hard Punch cancel into Hard Soul Reflect, Ultra 2, Soul Throw. corner only
  • Crouching Medium Kick cancel into Ex Soul Spark FADC, Ultra 1



How to beat Rose