Character Information


Sagat is a heavy zoning character with high damage punishment for anyone who decides to approach unsafely. Sagat tends to win zoning wars very easily because of his two projectiles, High Tiger Shot and Low Tiger Shot.


Character Stats

Stamina 1050

Stun 1000



 Notable Normals


Standing Attacks

  • Close Standing Medium Punch

At 85 damage, this is Sagat’s most damaging standing, special-cancelable normal. This can also be used as as a very close anti air.

  • Standing Hard Punch

This deals 120 damage and has a really good horizontal hit box. Not as good as in Capcom vs Snk 2, but with the right reads and against the right opponent this is a really strong poke. This also make for a good whiff punish.

  • Standing Light Kick

Excellent space builder and hits twice. The first hit is special cancelable but it’s best used at max distance.  This move is good at creating distance from your opponent. For example,  a blocked crouching light kick, followed by a standing light kick, will you put Sagat at about 1 training room square away from the opponent or closer. It’s a good counter poke against a lot of characters. For example, Ryu’s Crouching Medium Kick will get hit by Sagat’s foot most of the time if the spacing is correct.

  • Standing Medium Kick

Pretty good horizontal normal that can go over a lot of low crouching attacks (e.g. crouching hard kicks). It’s good in some match ups. For example, against Ryu’s Crouching Hard Kick, it will go over and hit Ryu.

  • Standing Hard Kick

This normal hits twice and has a huge hit box. It can hit people out of the air and is special cancelable on the first hit.



Crouching Attacks

  • Crouching Light Punch

Sagat’s fastest normal at 3 frames.  This a multi-use normal because of its speed and range.

  • Crouching Medium Punch

Really good normal, special cancelable and good range.

  • Crouching Hard Punch

Range Capcom Vs Snk 2 style.

  • Crouching Light Kick

Sagat’s best low attack. +6 on hit and +3 on block.  Combos into itself.

  • Crouching Medium Kick

Great range for a low attack and special cancelable. This is part of Sagat’s only true block string, crouching medium kick xx Low Tiger Shot.

  • Crouching Hard Kick

Hard knock down



 Jumping Attacks

  • Jumping Forward/Back Medium Punch

It has a lot of active frames and hits at a strange angle. Very interesting jump in which can beat out things you wouldn’t expect.

  • Jumping Forward/Back Hard Punch

This is good as a jump-in and also an air-to-air attack. It has a really good hit box which hits higher than you would think, making it good against opponents that are higher than you in the air

  • Jumping Forward Light Kick

This is Sagat’s cross over which is surprisingly good.


  •  Neutral Jump Medium Kick

Extremely good to use if the opponent is directly under you, his best neutral jump option against a standing opponent. If done early enough it can hit while rising instant over heading some characters.

  • Jumping Forward/Back Hard Kick

Great jump attack reminiscent of Super Street Fighter 2: Turbo.


Special Normals

  • Forward + Hard Punch

Sagat’s standing overhead.

  •  Forward + Light Kick

Forward moving attack that hits low. +3 on hit so you can combo into Crouching Light Punch with practice. Can be used to Kara special moves but is slower than Forward + Hard Kick but you get more time to think about the Kara because of the slower speed.

  • Forward + Hard Kick

Anti air. Fastest Kara move.

  • Fake Kick, Press Hard Kick then Hard Kick again very quickly

An easy way to do this is by double tapping.


Anti Airs


  • Tiger Uppercut

This is his preferred anti air in many situations. The raw damage of Hard Punch Tiger Uppercut as an anti air, 160 Damage, and the fact that if done too early you could trade with a jump in and get a Forward+Hard Kick then Ultra, makes this just strong.  Adjusting the strength of the Tiger Uppercut for the horizontal movement is a good ability to have for example, obviously if the opponent is jumping at an angle in which you want to go straight up and hit him, you would need to use Light Punch Tiger Uppercut because the horizontal movement of Hard Punch would move you too far away and could make it whiff or at the very least get hit by their cross over/jump in. You can follow up Tiger Uppercut with Light Kick Tiger Knee if high enough also with Light Kick Super.


  • Standing Hard Punch

This is a good horizontal normal anti-air. It’s really good in particular match ups (e.g. Adon) in place of Standing Hard Kick.


  • Standing Hard Kick

This is an effective normal because it hits twice and the hit box is large. As an anti-air though, the top part of the animation, such as the foot, only does 40 damage. So, your opponent could sustain many of these attacks and successfully landing one jump attack would make it worth it .

  • Forward+Hard Kick

This anti-air moves Sagat forward very far and very quickly. If the opponent is at a distance and thinks it would be safe to jump a Tiger Shot, that’s when you hit them with this. This is not the easiest anti-air to use but once you get the timing and range down and can read/react to the opponent it becomes very efective. Once landing this you get a lot of follow up options. You could follow with either Ultra attack, another Angry Scar Buffed Tiger Uppercut (280 damage), or another Forward+Hard Kick (if it lands deep) followed by EX Low Tiger Shot or Ultra.


  • Forward+Hard Kick Kara’d into Tiger Uppercut

This is really good in matches where the opponent thinks it’s safe to neutral jump your shots from outside normal anti air range. Good example would be Honda neutral jumping and fierce punching over shots and then you Kara Foward+Hard Kick into Hard Punch Tiger Uppercut for maximum distance and hit him.


  • Close Standing Medium Punch

This is used in very specific match ups,  for example Dictator/M.Bison head stomps you and you block then crosses over Close Standing Medium Punch will hit him and if decides to go further away instead of cross over you can use other anti airs like Forward+Hard Kick to hit him.





 Special Moves

High Tiger Shot

  • Down, Down Forward, Forward + any Punch

Sagat’s best projectile to win projectile wars but it can be ducked.

Low Tiger Shot

  • Down, Down Forward, Forward + any Kick

Sagat’s best projectile to get chip damage.

Tiger Uppercut

  • Forward, Down, Down Forward + any Punch

Sagat’s main anti air and also his go to move for FADC Ultra.


Tiger Knee Crush

  • Forward, Down, Down Forward + any Kick

Armor breaker and hits twice.  Learning to space Tiger Knees correctly will be very beneficial. For example, Light Kick Tiger Knee done point blank  is -10 frames on block. Some characters could Ultra that raw, so it is safer to space it out so that only the second hit will touch the opponent.

Tiger Charge

  •  Down, Down Back, Back, Down, Down Back, Back + any Kick  Costs 1 meter

So this buffs Sagat’s Tiger Uppercut with special properties at the cost of a meter.


Super Move

  •  Tiger Genocide, Down, Down Forward, Forward Any Kick



  • Ultra 1, Tiger Destruction, Down, Down Forward, Forward,Down, Down Forward, Forward  all three kicks
  • Ultra 2, Tiger Cannon, Down, Down Forward, Forward,Down, Down Forward, Forward  all three punches






Basic Combos

All these work with most jump ins such as Jumping Hard Kick or Hard Punch

  • Crouching Medium Kick cancel into Low Tiger Shot

This is a good combo for beginning Sagat Players. Crouching Medium Kick has good range then canceled into Low Tiger Shot is a safe true block string you can use until you get better with Hit Confirms.

Hit Confirm Combos

These combos are best used from a really close distance to the opponent and will give you time to see if your hit connects to do the appropriate special move.

Hard Punch Tiger Uppercut goes further horizontally so preferred in Hit Confirm combos also it does more damage.  Using Low Tiger Shot is better here than high, as with most combos,  just in case you drop the combo and they are ducking. Tiger Knees aren’t recommended in these combos because the second hit will wiff on most crouching characters.  Using Ex Low Tiger Shot is really good to push them away and get a soft techable knockdown and start zoning again.

  • Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Medium Punch cancel into Hard Punch Tiger Uppercut or any Low Tiger Shot
  • Crouching Light Kick,Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Medium Punch cancel into any Low Tiger Shot
  • Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Light Kick, Crouching Light Punch cancel into Hard Punch Tiger Uppercut or any Low Tiger Shot
  • Crouching Medium Punch, Crouching Light Punch cancel into Hard Punch Tiger Uppercut or any Low Tiger Shot


Punish Combos

These will be your high damage hard hitting punishment combos. You want to use these when the opponent makes a mistake that is big enough for the particular punish.

      -2 Frames or more

  • Light Kick or Medium Kick Super

Sagat’s Light Kick Super starts up in 1 frame but little horizontal range, Medium kick starts in 2 frames both of these as a reversal can punish a lot of unique things such as Ryu’s Foward+Medium Punch overhead on block. It’s best to use this when you have excess meter and want to finish the match or make a 350 damage or so comeback and don’t have Ultra.

Sagat has a 3 Frame Crouching Light Punch so with good timing he can punish a lot of things most characters without a 3 fame normal couldn’t.

    -3 Frames or more

  • Crouching Light Punch cancel into Tiger Uppercut or any Low Tiger Shot. 

You should do Crouching Light Punch cancel into Low Tiger Shot until you feel confident in Crouching Light Punch into Tiger Uppercut because it is much safer on block. Sacrificing the damage until you are more comfortable is a good trade off. If you have meter you can go FADC after the Tiger Uppercut and go into Forward+ Hard Kick then U1/U2 if you are seriously behind on life.


   -5 Frames or More

  • Crouching Medium Punch cancel into Tiger Uppercut or any Low Tiger Shot. 
  • Reversal Tiger Uppercut

Tiger Uppercut has a 5 frame start up so done in reversal timing, by inputting the move during block stun it will say Reversal on the screen if done correctly, it will punish and you can go into FADC into Foward+Hard Kick into either Ultra.


    -7 Frames or more

  • Close Standing Medium Punch cancel into any special. Tiger Knee does the most damage but will whiff in some situations and/or on certain characters.


    -10,-11 Frames or more

  • Ultra 1
  • Ultra 2

Sagat’s Ultra 1 starts in 10 frames. You can punish anything -10 or more on block with it as a reversal to insure it comes out the first possible frame. It’s best used raw on big mistakes like for example Ryu’s Hard Punch Shoryuken.




Combos Into Ultra

These will  be combos you want to use when you need to land Ultra. Usually if you are behind on life you will need to land Ultra when possible to gain the lead. Also anytime when presented that you can land Ultra in a under half health situation is always good. Sagat has many ways to land his Ultras and most of them deal very heavy damage.

  •  Jump in Hard Punch/Kick then Ultra
  • Focus Attack crumble dash then Ultra
  • Crouching Medium Punch/Kick cancel into Tiger Uppercut FADC Forward+Hard Kick Ultra 1/2
  • Hit confirm combo that special cancels into Tiger uppercut FADC Foward+Hard Kick Ultra 1/2
  • Ex Tiger Uppercut then Ultra

This is best done as an anti air to give you more time to hit the Ultra.

  • Corner only anything special cancelable into Ex Low Tiger Shot Ultra
  • Trade anti air Tiger Uppercut Forward+Hard Kick then Ultra
  • Kara Forward+Hard Kick EX Tiger Uppercut then Ultra
  • Situational but if the opponent gets hit by an Ex High Tiger Shot you can combo Ultra 2 from basically full screen away





How to beat Sagat