So many fighting games out but only certain ones are being played consistently in tournaments.

Here are a few games and a simple explanation on what they are like.


Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012


This is a good fighting game for beginners and pros because it has advancement for pros and a beginner can still do good with right reads and ultras. The execution required for the game is average for most characters. The game is more about reactions and reads. This game is the most played fighting game in the tournament scene and it is recommended to play it since it will help you learn the fundamentals of fighting games and be able to go to local tournaments or find someone locally to play with.


Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3


A fast 3 on 3 fighting game with lots of combos. This game is more about knowing your combos, having team synergy, and reactions. The learning curve in this game is having a team that works well together and knowing the combos with that team. It’s a game more about running a routine on the opponent and figuring out what their weakness is like if they don’t block low, high, or some gimmick you know works on them. The game has a really strong comeback feature called X-Factor which increases the damage and sometimes the speed to your character and it lasts longer and gives more damage if you lose two of your characters. Having a strong anchor can lead to easy comebacks.


Injustice: Gods Among Us


Similar to Mortal Kombat 9 but with more. This game is a fast paced one vs one fighting with objects from the background you can throw at your opponent or jump off them depending on character and it has two life bars so it has no rounds. The learning curve is knowing combos and matchups. It’s good for beginners and pros because it doesn’t take much to do alot of damage to your opponent in the game making it where you can easily make a comeback or get overwhelmed by your opponent.

Street Fighter X Tekken


A two vs two fighting game similar to Street Fighter 4. If one character gets defeated, the player loses despite if his/her other character had full health. The learning curve is about making your team work well together and knowing combos, and setups with that team. This game is not played very often in the tournament scene because of the bad reputation it got when it was first released but the game has gotten a balance patch that helped the game have potential. You can play this game alot of different ways like you could build a keep away team, rush down team, or balance team.