Spamming a term used in gaming that means they are using something over and over. In fighting games, some people who don’t understand think the opponent is just spamming the move over and over. There are ways to deal with it if there wasn’t then that character would win every tournament and/or it would get toned down with games being patched these days.


I. Zoners/Keep Away/Lame Stuff

Keep away characters may seem like they are just spamming their moves but it’s controlling space and keeping the opponent out. A way to deal with this depending on game is to slowly walk your way in by blocking the projectiles and cornering the opponent or jumping at the right time over it or using a move that goes through projectiles. Patience is one of the main ways to beat most keep away characters because they want you to risk all your health to get in but by moving in slowly taking little damage getting in and cornering them forces them to make mistakes by attempting to jump out and get hit by your anti-airs or whiffing reversals or trying to fight back in close combat which is where you want them.


Example. RyuA vs RyuB. If one RyuA kept shooting fireballs what should the other RyuB do? RyuB could jump over the fireball but at the right distance the RyuA could anti-air him. RyuB could hurricane kick through the fireballe but if too far RyuA could recover and punish. RyuB could focus through the fireball assuming it wasn’t Ex Fireball(2 hits) and punish or move in closer. RyuB could slowly move in and corner RyuA forcing RyuA to fight back or attempt to escape the corner.


II. Same Move/Attack

Spamming moves or attacks over and over. The way to beat this is to learn how to counter the move/attack or learn to block it and possible punish depending on attack. If unsure on what to do just go to training room and record the opponent doing it until you learn how to beat it. Lows or overheads hit most people almost every time for the first time they see it. Practicing in training room can help you learn where it hits, what to do, and being prepared for when it happens. If an opponent finds out what your weak against they will abuse it so by watching videos or playing other people, you can spot what is hitting you over and over and learn a way to prevent it by practicing.


Example. Fuerte vs RyuB. Fuerte’s splash is an overhead so it must be blocked high and it is punishable so RyuB must stand block if he thinks the Fuerte is going to do that move and punish it with Crouching Hard Kick. Fuerte could do a meaty slide on RyuB which must be down blocked. Fuerte could do his to Fajita Buster move which is unblockable so RyuB must jump away if he knew the Fuerte was going to do it.


These apply to all games. By knowing exactly what your opponent is doing and how to deal with it makes it easier for you to overcome what is beating you. Don’t get mad when something is hitting you over and over. Just calm down and think about how/why it is hitting you and what could you do to prevent it. Sometimes there is bad matchups where a character might have a harder time than others getting in, preventing a move or punishing it but most cases it’s because the player doesn’t know what to do about it.