Sometimes choosing a character can be tough decision especially when there is alot of cool characters in one fighting game.

Typical character select where you can only see the character’s faces

Lets look at three ways to pick a character in fighting games.

I. Looks/Story

Character design or background history of the character can help you relate to a character making you want to play them more. This one is easy since the first character you pick generally is the one you already thought about playing in the first place. By just liking a character will make you want to learn more about what the character can do.


Sometimes there’s alot of cool looking characters in one game

Characters that look cool will be played more than the big, fat, and ugly characters. Sometimes by playing/picking a character that is uncommon can help you win against certain players who don’t know how to fight them because not many people play them.


II. Character Play Style

If you like to rush down the opponent, keep the opponent away from you, or you like having both options available, choosing the right character for your play style can help you focus on you playing your best and have fun while playing. You could also play a character just because they are easier to play than other characters.

These are a few play styles that are common in fighting games.


Hybrid aka Shoto play style can rushdown and zone but doesn’t excel at them as good as the others.


Grapplers aka The Big Characters play style is to get in the opponents face and using mix ups of throwing and not throwing.

images (1)

Zoners/Keep Away/Lame Stuff play style is to keep the opponent away from them while they punish any attempts of the opponent trying to get in on them.

images (2)

Rushdown characters play style is to get in the opponents face and mix them up with their pressure.


III. Play by Tier

This one is by picking any of the consider top tier characters in a game. This is not a bad choice but you still have to learn the character and most players will know how to beat top tiers. Playing by tier only works in certain games because most games these days have balance patches and are decently balanced where a character loyalist can overcome bad matchups.