Notable Noramls

Slip Up

Forward + M

Questioning, Cross-Examination, or Bridge to the Turnabout

Forward + H, or Down + H

Special Moves

Mode Change (Investigation or Courtroom)

Down, Down + S

Investigate and Discard (Investigation Mode)

Any attack + S

Evidence Projectiles (Courtroom Mode)

Any attack + S

“M-Maya!?” (Investigation Mode)

Down, Down Forward, Forward + Any attack

Paperwork (High or Low) (Courtroom Mode)

Down, Down Forward, Forward + Any attack, or Down, Down Back, Back + Any attack

Hyper (Super) Moves

Steel Samurai Maya Smelting!

Down, Down Forward, Forward + 2 attack buttons

Order In the Court

Down, Down Back, Back + 2 attack buttons

The Ace Attorney

Forward, Down, Down Forward + 2 attack buttons